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How To… Write Killer Instagram Captions

While Instagram may have earned a billion users on the back of beautiful imagery, that’s only part of the story, what about the words you choose to use in your caption?

Ever wonder the difference between a post people want to engage with and one they instantly forget? The caption!

Successful influencers are ones that work just as hard on tone of voice as they do on picture language.

To help you create captions that make your images work even harder, here are three of our favourite writers on Instagram.


1. The storyteller caption

Daddy blogger Simon Hooper (@Father_of_Daughters) is a shining star in the highly competitive world of parenting influencers.

Having four cheeky daughters allows him to create fun images, but his uniqueness comes from what he writes to accompany them.

A natural storyteller, Simon weaves word with a picture and gives you a sense of all the mischief and joy his family shares every day.

What’s more impressive is that Simon habitually breaks the ‘golden rule’ of brief captions, instead writing 200-words posts that are rich in detail and humor.

And in the perpetual motion of the Instagram newsfeed, the ability to get someone to stop and read for a minute is a remarkable skill.



2. The rebel caption


You’d be forgiven for thinking fashion influencing was all about pouts, polish and pristine lifestyles.

But, pushing very much against the norm, Leandra Cohen (@leandramcohen) takes a different approach to showing off her style.

The founder of the wildly popular Man Repeller blog, Leandra shares her looks in a way that perfectly blends inspiration and down-to-earth humor.

With a tone of voice that perfectly captures the Man Repeller ethos (‘a clown car of curious, interested and excited creatives’), Leandra stands out in the world of fashion influencing simply by refusing to take herself, or her style, too seriously.



3. The adventurer caption


Being a travel influencer seems like the most glamorous job in the world.

If you’re not careful about how your share your adventures, the only thing you could end up inspiring in your audience is envy!

One travel influencer who does an especially thoughtful job of sharing his adventures is photographer Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard).

Being a professional his images are naturally stunning, but an interesting approach to his captions add an important extra dimension.

A firm believer in celebrating ‘the experience’ of travel, Chris shares the challenges of visiting faraway places just as happily as he shares the beautiful views.

And, by refusing to participate in the unrealistic expectations created by a lot of travel influencers, he’s one of the few Instagram adventurers who can talk authentically about the positive power of travel – and not just the pretty pictures it produces.