8 German Fantastic Females For March 8 – Women’s Day 2021

Photo credit: aminatabelli

This week on the Collabary blog, we’re doing a very special influencer recap. As March 8th is International Women’s Day, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on some of the German female creators that have really caught our eye. Like always but especially today, we’re taking a moment to commemorate feminism and women’s rights and the fight for equality that continues every day.

More than just social media accounts, the women in this post are bringing up important social topics, starting their own businesses, managing their families, and generally being fantastic females. Of course, these are only eight out of thousands, so make sure to take a moment to discover and appreciate even more female content creators! 

1. Louisa Dellert

Photo credit: louisadellert

Louisa’s page is full of really well-researched and detailed information about a host of different issues, from body positivity to female empowerment, sexuality, and gender equality. In addition to educating her 451K followers on Instagram, she also hosts the podcast Louklärt, where she discusses culture, politics, health, veganism, and other issues relevant to today’s women. 

2. Vanessa Blumenthal

Photo credit: vanezia_blum

Vanessa is doing it all–not only does she own her own fashion brand, Vanezia, she also is a staunch animal rights activist, already working with Save The Dogs in Kallikratia for a few years now and actually building a private shelter in Kallikratia, Greece, at the moment. Additionally, she and Lena Hader support many different dog rescues, sharing dogs ready for adoption on Pawsitive Future (warning: extremely cute puppy pics). On top of all that, she is about to become a first-time mom—all at the age of 26. If that’s not inspiring, we don’t know what is. 

3. Anna Schmidt 

Photo credit: annaxo

Another dog lover, plus-size model Anna promotes body positivity and mental health awareness on her page, as well as sharing her life with her boyfriend Axel and their rescue puppy, Ace, from Portugal. Ace’s addition to their family got Anna interested in animal rights and the #adoptdontshop movement, so she’s also creating awareness for this topic. 

4. Aminata Belli

Photo credit: aminatabelli

Amanita is a feminist and anti-racism activist who has dedicated her social media presence to educate her 122k followers about battling racism. On her page, you’ll find Aminata hosting several outlets, such as “Sitzplatzreservierung” together with Hadnet Tesfai and “Deep & Deutlich”, where she tackles sensitive and social relevant topics. She’s also one of the hosts of Tinder’s “Match oder Maybe” podcast, where she brings singles together for fun date nights.

5. Almut Perlwitz

Photo credit: maedelsbande

Almut’s page focuses on sustainability, healthy food, veganism, and how individuals can make a difference for the environment with their choices. She creates super easy tutorials and educational posts on how to grow your own food, eat healthy, and have a positive impact on the planet. A must-follow for any and all eco-activists. 

6. Couple on Tour

Photo credit: coupleontour

Vanessa and Ina are two super heartwarming brides-to-be who run the couple account “Couple on Tour”. Through their page, they paint a real and relatable picture of an LGBTQ+ relationship and seek to inspire with their style and creativity. And having recently crossed 1M followers, it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon! 

7. Farina Opoku

Photo credit: novalanalove

Farina is a perfect example of a body-positive model–not only is she one of the most well-known influencers in Germany, but she is candid and open about her struggles with her image, something a lot of women can probably relate to. Her personality and willingness to discuss difficult topics are some of her page’s greatest assets and definitely make her a role model for many young women. 

8. Wana Limar

Photo credit: wanalimar

Wana is absolutely killing it! With her sister Hilar, she owns the jewelry brand SEVAR, and she’s a member of Visions for Children, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy for underprivileged children worldwide. She is also an activist for gender equality and anti-racism—in fact, she recently produced a program for MTV Germany, “Meine Rolle im deutschen Film – #KeinenRassismusProduzieren”, that brought to light the struggle of representation in German media. 

What’s Next?

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