Webinar Debrief: Leveraging the Power Of TikTok With Influencers

Last week, we hosted our first online webinar “Leveraging the Power Of Tiktok With Influencers” with our own experts Anna Meyfarth, Katharina Altinok, and Nassima Filali as speakers and want to provide everyone who couldn’t join with a short summary as well as the opportunity to watch the recording online.

Why should you care about TikTok as a Brand

There are two crucial facts that explain why brands should care about TikTok: First, the small attention span for Generation Z and second, the rise of video as an advertorial option. TikTok combines these two factors perfectly on its platform.

Another reason is their unique user base: With 800 million worldwide, undoubtedly TikTok’s growth doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. To make this amount of people more tangible: The average TikTok user is female, between 13 and 24 years old, and spends around 45min daily on the app while opening it 8 times per day. Not being on TikTok as a brand means missing out on a huge potential to reach this exact audience.

“25% of the TikTok users are not present on any other social media platform.”

Source: App Annie US, 2019

What Makes TikTok Special

Despite the fact that TikTok is a video-only platform and offers a huge toolset of effects, filters, and of course songs, creativity and community are the core values of TikTok. Users are on TikTok to create fun and playful content as well as interact with these content. This is also heavily supported by its algorithm. TikTok just recently revealed some details about their algorithm: 

When a video is uploaded to TikTok, the For You algorithm shows it first to a small subset of users. These people may or may not follow the creator already, but TikTok has determined they may be more likely to engage with the video, based on their past behavior. If they respond favorably—say, by sharing the video or watching it in full—TikTok then shows it to more people who it thinks share similar interests. That same process then repeats itself, and if this* positive feedback loop happens enough times, the video can go viral.”

This also explains why you see a lot more focus on creating quality content compared to building status (reach) like we see a lot on Instagram.

What Is Possible On TikTok

So, how can brands reach this huge young audience they could possibly reach nowhere else? 

1. Choose the right influencers

Here it’s important to keep in mind that different platforms require different key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider when choosing influencers for campaigns. Thus, for example, on TikTok, video views are more important to look at than the influencers’ reach.

“TikTok video views are more important to look at than the influencers’ reach.

Anna Meyfarth, Collabary by Zalando Marketing Services

2. Co-create with influencers and trust them with enough creative freedom

TikTokers know their audiences the best – brief them with the most important things they should include or exclude but give them enough creative freedom to come up with their own ideas.

3. Use TikTok’s formats and jump on trends

To use TikTok’s possibilities in the most effective way you need to include its different formats and features while producing content. Besides that, be active, be yourself and thus, figure out what songs, sounds, themes, or hashtags are trending and jump on these specific trends.

“Be bold and try to let go of your typical content style.”

Katharina Altinok, Collabary by Zalando Markting Services

How Collabary Can Support You

1. Discover 100k+ TikTokers in an instant

We’ve added over 100,000 TikTok creator profiles on our platform, coupled with our famous data-driven Creator Discovery to make sure that you find fitting TikTokers for your campaign.

Source: Collabary Platform

2. Run TikTok campaigns from start to finish

Collabary’s Campaign Manager enables you to run TikTok campaigns smoothly from start to finish while keeping track of all important tasks and KPIs.

Source: Collabary Platform

3. Detailed campaign reporting

No campaign would be much without in-depth reporting on its performance. With the new TikTok campaign reporting on our platform, you’ll have no trouble assessing the effects of your campaign.

Webinar Recording

You haven’t had the chance to join last week’s webinar “Leveraging the Power Of TikTok With Influencers” but still want to get all the details our experts Anna, Katharina, and Nassima shared with the audience? No problem! Follow the link and watch the full recording of our webinar.

What’s Next?

Ready to rise to the challenge? We are here to support you to create meaningful, interactive, and creative content together with the most suitable TikTokers and help you to leverage the power of TikTok for your influencer marketing strategy. If you want to get more information on how we exactly can support you, send us an email at hello@collabary.com.