Webinar Debrief: Influencer Marketing Guide 2.0

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Yesterday, we hosted our second online webinar “Influencer Marketing Guide 2.0: KPIs and ROI” with our own experts Anna Meyfarth, Brienne Pierce, and Nassima Filali as speakers and want to provide everyone who couldn’t join with a short summary as well as the opportunity to watch the recording online.

The Most Common Influencer Campaign Objectives

For our webinar, we analyzed influencer marketing campaigns of the past 5 years that have been run on the Collabary platform and therefore, identified the three most common influencer marketing campaign objectives: awareness, engagement/consideration, and perception.

1. Awareness Campaign

Basically an awareness campaign can be built around anything from a brand in general, its collection, or even a single product. Overall, awareness as an objective for influencer marketing campaigns is used to show why your brand is different and thus to increase its visibility on social media. What brands should keep in mind when running awareness campaigns: content is king and authenticity is the key.

Campaign Example: Fossil Smartwatches

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The influencer campaign has been used to create awareness around the new Fossil Smartwatches and the smartwatch category on Zalando. The influencers have been asked to not only show the product but as well explain the features and advantages of smartwatches and where to find them on Zalando.

2. Engagement/Consideration Campaign

Campaigns with engagement as an objective are used to build an emotional or rational attachment between the brand and its consumers in order to have a positive influence on the customers’ purchases. The main goal of an engagement or consideration campaign is to drive conversation around your brand, products, or services.

Campaign Example: Zalando #StyledayFriday

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With the rise of the difficult situation we’ve been facing especially at the beginning of this year, Zalando wanted influencers to add a little spark into its customers’ daily life. This is why, at the beginning of April, we launched the #StyledayFriday campaign that invites people to dress up in something else than the everyday normal of home wear sweats!

3. Perception Campaign

The perception of a brand is basically owned by its consumers – it is the belief of what a product or service represents. Therefore, the most common goals of a perception campaign are either to change how consumers overall or even a specific group of consumers perceive a brand or to reach a new target group.

Campaign Example: Classic Crocs

Photo credit: Ebba Zingmark

The campaign’s goal was to reposition Classic Crocs, as a stylish fashion item, to a trend-focused, female audience. So strong female influencers shared content with which they’ve shown how to style Classic Crocs and make them wearable in daily life.

How Collabary Can Support You

Collabary’s Campaign Reporting

Collabary offers an in-depth Campaign Reporting that makes it possible to have a comprehensive breakdown and overview of all your campaign KPIs and achievements.

Source: Collabary Platform

For each one of the different campaign objectives, there are different KPIs to look at when assessing the effects of your campaign. Our Senior Partner Consultant Nassima is guiding you through every KPI in the webinar and explains how you can use the reporting in the best possible way.

Webinar Recording

You haven’t had the chance to join our webinar “Influencer Marketing Guide 2.0: KPIs and ROI” but still want to get all the details our experts Anna, Brienne, and Nassima shared with the audience? No problem! Follow the link and watch the full recording of our webinar.

What’s Next?

Ready to run your upcoming influencer campaigns with the right objective? We are here to support you to create meaningful, interactive, and creative content together with the most suitable influencers. If you want to get more information on how we exactly can support you, send us an email at