Make This Valentine’s Day Special With a Little Influencer Marketing Inspiration

Love is in the air! As we’re about to move from January to February, it’s hard to not feel a stir of romance bubble up in our chests. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while 2021 might be a difficult one for many couples, we still wanted to give you some uplifting V-Day inspiration for your influencer marketing campaigns. 

This year, couples will probably rely on social media to celebrate Valentine’s Day more than ever. Some are social distancing, while others may live in different cities or even countries. On top of that, usual date night options like restaurants and movie theaters sadly might also not gonna happen—so what’s a lovestruck couple to do? People will be looking for inspiration from their favorite influencers, so now is a great time to collaborate. Here are some quick ideas for your brand to make the best of this year’s festivities:

Ask an influencer to choose an item from your range of products to gift their significant other: Bonus points if it can be personalized or monogrammed! They can record themselves deciding what to buy and placing the order—and of course, get their loved one’s reaction for the big reveal. According to research, around 80% of men and women consider spending €50 on Valentine’s Day – so think special, keepsake items.

Have your influencer dress up for a remote date with their significant other: If the couple can’t be in the same household this V-Day, no worries. Have them order a nice takeout (definitely still possible in most places), choose out a fancy outfit, and record themselves with their partner over video conference. They could show off their clothes, exchange gifts, or have their fans interact while doing an Instagram or TikTok Live session. Super relatable content for people in the same position, or even single people who wish to engage with their favorite influencer.

Have the influencer host a giveaway: This one is self-explanatory, but who doesn’t love a nice giveaway? Usually, fans win products for themselves, but you could easily have your influencer put forward a special item they could give their partner. 

Photo credit: Kim Lara Sievers

Hamburg-based influencer Kim Lara Sievers, who blogs under the name, posted this adorable (and very color-coordinated) giveaway from German jewelry brand Glanzstücke for Valentine’s Day 2020. The post garnered an 8.1% engagement rate—and for an influencer with a fairly split male/female audience (42% male to 58% female), this turned out to be a perfect avenue for a couples-oriented contest.

Remember, this year is going to be different, so whenever dealing with marketing campaigns in 2021, keep a few things in mind. Of course, a shift to online-only shopping is necessary, but also, make sure to not make your brand’s followers feel alone, left out, or neglected this Valentine’s Day. Make sure they feel included in your messaging—even if they’re single. Spread positivity, and of course, don’t encourage in-person gatherings. But in general, stay true to your message, think outside the box, and you can still make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one for both your brand and your fans. 

What’s Next?

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