Influencer Marketing Platform: How To Choose & Use One Successfully

What is an Influencer Marketing platform? And how is it relevant to content creation?

A report by #Hashoff revealed that 28% of content creators now consider social media influencing to be their main job – rising from 12% in just 6 months. 

But with so much to consider when it comes to going professional as an influencer, it’s a good idea to look for some expert support to help you begin your new career in a positive way. In other words, find yourself a platform.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from if you’re a content creator looking to win new clients and build relationships with brands. And from the brand perspective, these are the two main types to pick from:

Self-service platforms where you are given access to the database of influencers, and all the tools you need to brief, launch and manage your campaigns, but you essentially have to manage every part of that process yourself.

Managed  service platforms (like the one we offer at Collabary, as well as our self-service option) gives you an enhanced version of the same tools and benefits – for example, with our platform, this service replaces self-searching for your influencers with a sophisticated, data-driven selection function. It also provides a dedicated campaign team who will support on everything from strategic campaign development to in-depth reporting and performance tracking.


Be discoverable by the right brands


Many brands still say finding the right content creator is their biggest challenge in influencer marketing. And a lot of those brands are turning to influencer marketing platforms to help them find the ideal partners – as well as to help them with everything from approaching an influencer and negotiating terms to creating briefs and gathering insights.

The relevance and ‘fit’ of an influencer to a brand is the key to successful influencer marketing, and a platform can help make sure that fit is right on both sides. This helps maintain your authentic credibility as an influencer and helps the brand gain a relevant and trusted voice.

The best platforms will use advanced data analysis to ensure they always find the right fit because a.) their reputation and relationship with their client suffers if the fit is wrong and b.) a good fit means long and rewarding relationships that benefit everyone.


Take the pressure out of payments

We’ve talked in a previous blog about the uncertainty brands face when it comes to influencer compensation.

And this can be a confusing or awkward issue for influencers too – especially if they’re new to the world of paid influencer marketing.




What a platform can help with, besides giving an effortless process framework for brands or content creators who aren’t yet familiar with managing influencer marketing campaigns, is that it simplifies the payment issue.

Brands can pay their influencers through the platform, meaning you receive your payment more quickly and securely. And, as a self-employed influencer, the certainty of fast and secure payments can be incredibly reassuring. In fact, the Collabary platform will pay an influencer right away so there’s no need to wait for a long and complicated invoice process to be completed.