TikTok Tank: 5 TikTok Influencer Collaborations That Generated Buzz in September

Welcome to our monthly series: The TikTok Tank – five videos that generated buzz on the short-form video platform in the DACH region. This listing aims to provide you with some behind-the-scenes insights on the campaign concepts evaluated by our experienced Account and Campaign Managers. 

About the list: Our list considers videos that include the following hashtags: ad, advertisement, anzeige or werbung, and have been posted between 1st of September and 30th of September in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. We filtered them for most video views. All data shared below was pulled on September 30th. 

Source: Collabary platform

1. Valeria Vedovatti and L’Oréal Paris

Valeria Vedovatti, better known as valevedovatti, is a TikToker born in Switzerland and with 1.4M followers on the short-form video platform, she’s definitely one of the stars. 

By having a closer look at her TikTok KPIs on Collabary, it’s safe to say that Valeria’s videos – she posts on average around g 9 videos per week – engages her followers a lot. This results in a strong engagement rate on views of 24.5%.

About the engagement rate on views: The engagement rate (ER) on views puts the sum of all likes, comments, and shares in the last 90 days in relation to the total video views. While the engagement rate based on followers might be more known from a still content logic, the engagement rate on views is a metric that is commonly used to assess the level of interactions on videos. In Germany, according to our data on the platform, the average engagement rate on views is around 16%.

Source: creator profile of valevedovatti on Collabary

In one of the videos Valeria shared in September, she teamed-up with beauty brand L’Oréal Paris to promote their Elvital Dream Long shampoo. For this, she and many other female creators, like majno or ceciliacantarano, danced a TikTok dance – only created for this challenge – to a song with the same name: “The ONE – Elvive Dream Long” and alone Valeria generated 17% ER on views with her video.

Video credit: valevedovatti

2. Belina Bellwood and Zalando 

Second on our list is belinalilly, who amassed a following of 300K on her TikTok – only in the past month, she gained 50K new followers. This fact and the number of 15M likes totaled on all her TikTok videos shows that Belina’s followers enjoy the mix of fashion and beauty posts as well as her taking them on the journey through fighting cancer.

Video credit: belinalilly

For this ad, Belina and her mother chose an outfit for the respective other on Zalando and presented the selected articles. To give her followers a deep-dive into the whole process, you can see all parts in the short video: from scrolling through Zalando, choosing the articles, receiving the package, and changing into their new outfits. This effort has been thanked with 16% high ER on views.

3. Laura Marie and Depop 

Laura Marie is well-known for her POVs (Point of View) on TikTok which is one of the hottest trends on the short-form video platform at the moment. POVs are always addressing the viewer’s point of view by using a remarkable part of a song and telling a story behind it.

Including a lot of acting as well as beauty and fashion posts, Laura Marie brings joy to 575K followers.

Video credit: Laura Marie

In the presented TikTok, Laura Marie announced her new account on Depop – an online shop for second-hand fashion – and her 12 fashion pieces that went online. With an ER on views of 14%, we assume that a lot of her followers might become interested in Depop.

4. Noemi Nikita and Svenja Walberg – Lashcocain

With 4.8M followers and a huge amount of 176M total likes, Swiss TikToker Noemi Nikita is definitely a social media star. Following her profile on the short-form video platform, you can see a lot of beauty and fashion videos as well as many clips that include her boyfriend. What really differs her from other TikTokers is the fact that she’s sharing tutorials and how-to’s about her videos quite often. 

Video credit: noeminikita

In her video, produced in collaboration with beauty brand Svenja Walberg, Noemi presents their lash serum “Lashcocain” and by presenting we’re talking about not only showing the product but also how easy the application is as well as an impressive before and after sequence. With this TikTok, an ER of  16% on views has been reached.

5. Michelle Melody and HelloBody 

By today, we all might know vegan beauty brand HelloBody and its huge influencer activations on Instagram. This time, they extended the activation to TikTok as well and invited michellemelody who has amassed a following of 1M on the short-form video platform.

Video credit: michellemelody

By teaming up with HelloBody, Michelle posted a beauty routine with some of their products and reached a solid 13% ER on views. She even shared a 40% discount code and additionally, by using her code, her followers would get a free face mask and an application brush. 

Key Takeaways 

Looking at this month’s top TikTok sponsored videos, we identified three core patterns to consider when running campaigns with TikTok influencers: 

1. Always on – before and after: Sharing “before and afters” gives the followers of a represented creator a good overview of what can be done and achieved with one product, which is especially important for beauty brands/products. This is a great way to educate followers while engaging them at the same time.

2. Extend your Instagram campaigns to TikTok: Even brands like HelloBody, that are running a lot of influencer marketing campaigns, extended these to TikTok. When doing so, keep in mind that concepts need to be adjusted – copying and pasting an Instagram brief to TikTok won’t work here. 

3. Back to the roots: TikTok started as a platform for music, lip-syncing, and dancing. These basics still work well and should be regularly used by brands to keep the followers entertained.

What’s Next?

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