TikTok Tank: 5 Influencer Collaborations That Generated Buzz in October

TikTok: these days, you can’t run a successful influencer campaign without some understanding of one of the world’s most popular video-sharing apps. If you’re not totally familiar with the platform, it can be hard to find collaboration inspiration sometimes.

This is why we started the TikTok Tank, a monthly series that highlights 5 videos of the previous month that generated buzz on the short-form video platform in the DACH region. From fashion to beauty, these are perfect examples to base your own campaigns off of, and as usual, we used our Collabary platform to search and present you with the best of the best. Use these behind the scenes insights to up your TikTok game!

About the list: Our list considers videos that include the following hashtags: ad, advertisement, anzeige or werbung, and have been posted between 1st of October and 31st of October in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. We filtered them for most video views. All data shared below was pulled on October 31st. 

Source: Collabary platform

1. Dalia and Zalando

Eighteen-year-old Berliner Dalia Schmidt-Foss (aka Dalia Mya) is already German TikTok royalty—her fashion and beauty content has garnered her a whopping 5.4M followers on the short-form video platform! With 85%, her followers are overwhelmingly female, so she’s the perfect candidate for a fashion collaboration.

Video credit: Dalia

Last month, Dalia partnered with Zalando for a fun campaign where her mother got to choose and order her oufit from the retail giant and the other way around, with pretty cute results! Most teens would be horrified if their mother had any say in their fashion choices, but this experiment made for a wholesome mother-daughter moment. And with 407K video views at a 25% engagement rate on views, her followers certainly felt so as well! 

About the engagement rate on views: The engagement rate (ER) on views puts the sum of all likes, comments, and shares in the last 90 days in relation to the total video views. While the engagement rate based on followers might be more known from a still content logic, the engagement rate on views is a metric that is commonly used to assess the level of interactions on videos. In Germany, according to our data on the platform, the average engagement rate on views is around 16%.

2. Tina Neumann and Zadaa

Next up is another German teenager taking TikTok by storm: fashion influencer Tina Neumann from Wiesbaden. Tina’s content is simple but effective: Point of View (POV) videos, lip syncs to popular TikTok audios—and with 2.5 million followers, she definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed. 1.8M of those followers are between 18-24, so Tina has proven herself to be super relevant within her age group. 

Video credit: Tina Neumann

For their fall campaign “#altistdasneueneu”, second-hand shopping and reselling app Zadaa tapped Tina as a model, and she posted a little behind the scenes peek at the photoshoot. Starting with a pretty flawless outfit transition (TikTok LOVES those) she shows the shoot, the backstage, the camerapeople, and everything that goes into making an editorial fashion shoot. The post clocked in 203K views with a 5% engagement rate on views, definitely a success for both Tina and Zadaa. 

3. Sina Reen and Oceans Apart

Based out of Cologne, Sina Reen captures her 1.2M TikTok followers with her easy-to-digest fashion content and product reviews (often co-starring her boyfriend Leon—the kids love a power couple). From dying her hair to make-up challenges, she ticks all the TikTok boxes, and at a 4.6% engagement rate with over 400 average comments, her followers are clearly tuning in to see what she’ll do next. 

Video credit: Sina Reen

In October, Sina partnered up with activewear brand Oceans Apart to share her special discount: two free tops for orders of over €50 if you use the code “sinatop”. The post itself is pretty humorous, with Sina demonstrating what it’s like to love buying activewear yet never doing sports – very relatable. The video racked up 183K at a 16% engagement rate on views, and using the audio of “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion, Sina also used one of the trending songs on TikTok. 

4. Miss Nici and Douglas Cosmetics

Miss Nici is one of those super talented make-up influencers that make even the simplest application look professional. How do these TikTokers do it? Hailing from Stuttgart, Nici has just shy of 1M TikTok followers, who tune into her feel-good beauty routines. 76% of her followers are also from Germany, so she’s a great candidate for campaigns centered in the DACH area. 

VIdeo credit: Miss Nici

Last month, online cosmetics retailer Douglas started the “#douglasbrushchallenge”, capitalizing off of TikTok’s unsinkable love for video transitions – that’s when the influencer edits the video so that it transitions smoothly from one look to the next. In the post, a bare-faced Nici swipes a make-up brush across the camera and ta-daa!, suddenly she is in a dewey and natural make-up look. A simple concept, but at 53K views with 13% engagement rate on views, a total success. 

5. Patricia Kühne and Frozen Couture

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a fashion influencer who is also a figure skater! Patricia Kühne, aka Patricia On Ice, is a professional ice and in-line skater from Dresden who posts her entire life on her TikTok page, from her athleticism to her beauty routines. Of her 424K followers, 86% are female and 42% live in Germany—much like Sina above, she is a winner in the DACH.

Video credit: Patricia Kühne

In the video, Patricia shows off a form-fitting blue top from Frozen Couture, a global brand that makes athletic wear and protective gear for ice skaters. Back in July, we already shared the collaboration between Patricia and Frozen Couture in our TikTok Tank – this definitely shows that these two have a long-lasting and successful business relationship. The video currently has 19K views with a hefty 18% engagement rate on views, surely due to Patricia’s impressive skating routine. 10s from all the judges! 

Key Takeaways

We know that sometimes all this info can be a bit overwhelming, so here’s are some key points we’ve identified from this month’s TikTok campaigns, to make your own collaborations as successful as possible:

1) Long-term collaborations: Having a look at Patricia and her long-term collaboration with Frozen Couture, shows that it makes sense to create a strong relationship with an influencer that can build over time. This not only leads to an authentic outcome for the followers but also ensures an easy work environment for both parties. 

2) Keep an eye out for trends: Like the “transitions” trend mentioned above, the most viral TikToks are the ones that take into account what’s buzzing on the app in the moment. Keeping an eye on what memes, audios, and filters are trending will make your campaigns all the more noticeable by the users who are most likely to interact with it.

3) Be sarcastic, be authentic: TikTok is a place to have fun and most people go to the short-form video platform to either grow their knowledge on some topics or to be entertained. As always on social media and when working with influencers, it’s the most important thing to be authentic. Sometimes being authentic means to be sarcastic as well and make fun of yourself.

What’s Next?

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