TikTok Tank: 5 Influencer Collabs to Watch in November

Welcome to our monthly series: The TikTok Tank – five videos that generated buzz on the short-form video platform in the DACH region. This listing aims to provide you with some behind-the-scenes insights on the campaign concepts evaluated by our experienced Account and Campaign Managers. 

About the list: Our list considers videos that include the following hashtags: ad, advertisement, anzeige or werbung, and have been posted between 1st of November and 30th of November in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. We filtered them for most video views. All data shared below was pulled on November 30. 

1) Melissa Zerhau and Zalando

Melissa Zerhau is 21 years old and lives in Berlin. Next to fashion and beauty posts, she loves to listen to music while painting. On TikTok, almost 518k people follow Melissa’s journey and her interests.

One month ago, Zalando shared its Holiday campaign “We will hug again” on Instagram. Additionally, the fashion retailer asked TikTokers like Melissa to create videos around their favorite memories regarding hugs and what things remind them of these.

Video credit: melissazerhau

So in her video for Zalando, Melissa grabs a top which reminds her of a family get together and a cute hug with her partner Steph Barretoa who also has more than 9k followers on TikTok. The video reached unbelievable 10.2M views and an engagement on views of 2%.

About the engagement rate on views: The engagement rate (ER) on views puts the sum of all likes, comments, and shares in the last 90 days in relation to the total video views. While the engagement rate based on followers might be more known from a still content logic, the engagement rate on views is a metric that is commonly used to assess the level of interactions on videos. In Germany, according to our data on the platform, the average engagement rate on views is around 16%.

2) Tim Schäcker and Ray Ban

Tim Schäcker is a Germany based 21 year old TikToker who amassed a following of 780k on the short-form video platform. With a solid 2.7% engagement rate, Tim amazes his followers with nothing less than cute couple content together with girlfriend Anna von Klinski who even has 1.7M followers.

Video credit: Tim Schäcker

For glasses and sunglasses brand Ray Ban, Tim shared a video using their new filter #youareon which basicially is also a game you can play directly on TikTok. While using the filter and playing the game, the different models of Ray Ban glasses switch up on your face. With this video, Tim reached 1.8M views and 2% engagement rate on views.

3) Tina Neumann and Zadaa

Tina’s content is simple but effective: Point of View (POV) videos, lip syncs to popular TikTok audios—and with 2.8 million followers, she definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Video credit: Tina Neumann

In last months TikTok Tank, we already shared the business partnership between Tina and Zadaa. During this months video, Tina presented the advantages of Zadaa’s second hand app. By using the green screen feature, Tina makes it seem like she’s shopping pieces directly out of the app, glowing up her outfit. She generated a 9% engagement rate on views and 401k views in total.

4) Baochii and Puma

Baochii is with 1.6M followers and 88M likes in total definitely one of the German TikTok stars. Her 5.2% engagement shows that her followers agree with us.

Video credit: baochii

For Puma, Baochii ad her friend Shanika Morgan (4.5k followers) created a dance video that catapults us back to the old days when only dancing and lip-syncing were a thing on TikTok (or better to say musically). Not only the format of the video reminds us of the past but as well the content itself: for every century Baochii and Shanika showed a dance move that has been popular back then – always in focus: the Puma sneakers. With this video the two ladies generated 241k views and an engagement rate on views of 21%.

5) Leoobalys and Purelei

Leoobalys has 1.3M followers on the short-form video platform and with more than 107M likes you can tell that her followers love the fashion content and funny TikToks she’s sharing – including challenges and fails.

Video credit: Leoobalys

Unforgotten that November has been the month of Cyber Week and Black Friday offers. For their version of Black Friday, the Golden Friday, Purelei asked TikToker Leoobalys to create a video to promote their sale. She has chosen a transition video, showing 6 different outfits and glaming the last one up with accessories by Purelei. With this one Leo got 178k views and 16% engagement rate on views.

Key Takeaways 

Looking at this month’s top TikTok sponsored videos, we identified three core patterns to consider when running campaigns with TikTok influencers: 

1. Influencer activation for special occasions: Even if this is not a secret anymore, the successful collaboration between Leo and Purelei for their Black Friday sale shows that this kind of influencer activations also work on TikTok.

2. Back to the roots: It all started with dance moves and lip-syncing and this still works on the short-form video platform. Even if the majority of the Tiktok users is quite young, they still appreciate and enjoy kind of nostalgic posts.

3. Long-term collaborations: We already mentioned this but it can’t be raised too often – long-term collaborations lead to a positive outcome for all parties. Not only an authentic outcome for the followers is created but it also ensures an easy work environment for brands and creators.

What’s Next?

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