TikTok Tank: 5 TikTok Influencer Collaborations That Generated Buzz In June

Welcome to our new monthly series: The TikTok Tank – 5 videos that generated buzz on the short-form video platform in the DACH region. This listing aims to provide you with some behind the scene insights on the campaign concepts evaluated by our experienced Account and Campaign Managers.

About the list: Our list considers videos that include the hashtag ad, advertisement, anzeige, or werbung and have been posted between 15th of May and 29th of June in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. We filtered them for most video views. All data shared below was pulled on the 29th of June.

Top 5 Influencer Collaborations on TikTok by Video Views

TikTok Collaborations In June

1) Anna IX and her sister testing Salted Beauty face masks

In her video for vegan beauty brand Salted Beauty, Anna and her little sister Vivi are showing in a playful way how to apply one of the face masks. She combines currently trending songs like Mamacita by The Black Eyed Peas with a voice-over of herself. 

The video transforms a positive brand awareness and integrates the product in a funny way but still pretty clearly features the product and provides a voucher code with a 50% discount. The video gained more than 968,000 video views within 6 weeks. The engagement rate on views is 14% which is above her average engagement rate of 9.5% (see Colllabary profile below).

Photo credit: Anna IX on TikTok
Source: Anna IX on Collabary

About the engagement rate on views: The engagement rate in views puts the sum of all likes, comments, and shares in the last 90 days in relation to the total video views. While the engagement rate based on followers might be more known from a still content logic, the engagement rate on views is a metric that is commonly used to assess the level of interactions on videos.

2) Anna IX putting a Bling on Purelei

Next in line is again Anna IX with a sponsored video for the German jewelry and accessories brand Purelei. She shows her 1.2M followers a full set of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and watch and combines the trending song “Eat my Dirt” with the “BlingBling” effect while putting the pieces on. 

By showing the full collection, the video generates brand awareness for Purelei in general rather than focusing on one single piece. 599,600 video views can be attributed to this video within the last 6 weeks. With 82% being female, according to her Collabary profile, Anna seems like the perfect match for the German jewelry brand.

Photo credit: Anna IX on TikTok

3) Dalia and the Banana Song for Oceans Apart

Third on our list is Dalia Mya, an 18-year old creator from Berlin and one of Germany’s top 10 Creators on TikTok with 5.1 Million followers. She produced a sponsored video for the sportswear brand Oceans Apart who are focusing on vegan and sustainable activewear. 

Dancing to the trending Banana Song by Shaggy, Dalia shares an individual voucher code with her followers to push their 2 tops on top sales campaign in June. Her 6 seconds long video got around 504,100 video views and an engagement rate on views of 16%. Plus, with 85% of her audience being female – according to her Collabary profile – choosing Dalia as a content creator seems like a perfect match for Oceans Apart who only sells sportswear for women.

Photo credit: Dalia on TikTok

4) Cedric Solms is #goingnutsfromhome with Treets the Peanut Company

The only male creator in this month’s list is 22-year old Cedric Solms who is based in Munich. Cedric joins the #goingnutsathome give-away challenge for Treets the Peanut Company. Cedric calls his 1.4 million followers to comment on his video to enter the raffle to win a Playstation 4. He also invites his Mom to join the video, a trend that we have seen at other TikTokers as well. He uses his own sound and adds instructions on how to join the raffle at the end of the video. Overall, he generated 448,900 video views and received more than 3,300 comments on his video. The engagement rate on views is 22%.

5) Naomijon dresses up on Fridays with Zalando

Last but not least, Berlin-based Naomi Jonzeck joins the Zalando “Styledayfriday” initiative with her video. The 23-year-old creator with 2.2 Million followers on TikTok, transforms her look from a 24/7 pajama outfit into a pastel themed look with pieces that are all available on Zalando. The video contains various sequences and the well-known sharp TikTok transitions to attract the viewers’ attention. She uses the trending song “lose control” by Meduza, Becky Hill & Goodboys and generates more than 380,700 video views. The engagement rate on views is 20% which reflects the call to action in her caption asking her audience about their favorite pastel look.

Photo credit: Naomijon on TikTok


Looking at this month’s top TikTok sponsored videos, we identified three core patterns to consider when running campaigns with influencers on TikTok : 

Trending sounds: We have seen that all videos in our list jump on trending songs. The easiest way to identify trending songs is to check TikTok on a frequent basis to stay up to date on what songs are trending. 

Applying proof of concept: Proven mechanics such as voucher codes (see Anna IX or Dalia) and how-to tutorials (Dalia) can easily be adapted on TikTok as well by adding an iconic dance or sound. 

Trusting the creative skills of creators: The creators on TikTok most likely know best how to interpret a brand’s message. Trusting them and their skills is a crucial factor for a campaigns’ success.

What’s Next?

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