TikTok Tank: 5 Fashion & Beauty Influencer Collabs That Generated Buzz in July

Welcome to our monthly series: The TikTok Tank – five videos that generated buzz on the short-form video platform in the DACH region. This listing aims to provide you with some behind-the-scenes insights on the campaign concepts evaluated by our experienced Account and Campaign Managers. This month’s focuses on lifestyle, fashion and beauty brand collaborations.  

About the list: Our list considers videos that include at least one of the following hashtags: ad, advertisement, anzeige or werbung, and have been posted between 1st of July and 30th of July in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. We filtered them for most video views. All data shared below was pulled on August 3rd. 

Source: Collabary

1) Patrox Official and Beats by Dre

This month’s list is headlined by Patroxofficial – German TikTok creator with over 4 million followers – and his collab with Apple’s subsidiary, Beats by Dre (Beats). For the launch of their new PowerbeatsPro, Beats teamed up with American singer and model Ashnikko to collaborate on the creation of her new music video. Ashnikko called her community to participate in the #BeatsDaisyChallenge to express themselves and their creativity while wearing the PowerbeatsPro. Creators participating in the challenge then have the chance to become part of the music video for her new song “Daisy.” 

Patrox’s video generated over 447k video views and saw an engagement rate on views of 7%. Besides Patrox, we saw German creators like Toni Dreher (227k), Selina Mour (2.1M) and Rickazas (2.3M followers) participating in the challenge. The campaign was globally kicked off on Tiktok Saturday 11th July. So far, the #BeatsDaisyChallenge has more than 7.1B views on TikTok

Source: Patrox Official TikTok Channel

2) Lara Marie Conrads and Smilodox

Second in line is Lara Marie Conrads with her video for sports gear and fashion shop smilodox. Lara promotes one of smilodox’s facemasks that is both stylish and functional both for exercising in- and outdoors. She shares a 10% discount code with her 1.2M followers and teases a raffle going live the day after. Her video received more than 300k views and an engagement rate of 4%. The latter is rather below average for TikTok videos.    

Source: Lara Marie Conrads TikTok Channel

About the engagement rate on views: The engagement rate in views puts the sum of all likes, comments, and shares in the last 90 days in relation to the total video views. While the engagement rate based on followers might be more known from a still content logic, the engagement rate on views is a metric that is commonly used to assess the level of interactions on videos. In Germany, according to our data on the platform, the average engagement rate on views is around 16%.

3) Dalia and Maybelline

Third on our list is German TikTok star Dalia (5.2M followers) with a video for the beauty brand Maybelline. Dalia joins the #makeityourrunwaychallenge that calls creators to do a little runway show at home, including one of Maybellines’ products. On top of that, challenge participants get the chance to win a meet & greet with Dalia and Austrian super creator Lisa-Marie Schiffner (2.2M followers). Her video generated more than 207k views and an engagement rate (on views) of 19%. Raffles are obviously always a good way to boost engagement. 

Source: Dalia TikTok Channel

4) Patricia on Ice and Frozen Couture 

Next one is Patricia on Ice (349k followers), a professional ice and inline Skater from Germany, rollerblading through a beautiful park in Dresden. Her outfit is sponsored by Australian-owned ice skating fashion label Frozen Couture. Around 184k video views and an engagement rate on views of 15% were generated. 

This example shows that TikTok is not just a playground for big brands but also has quite some potential for niche brands reaching their audiences. 

Source: Patricia on Ice TikTok channel

5) Dalia and Zalando 

Last but not least, we have another video by Dalia. This time with a sponsored video for Zalando. The idea of the challenge is to use an old Zalando box and design it the way they want it. By joining the challenge, tagging and following the Zalando TikTok account, the participants are able to win a 100€ shopping voucher for Zalando. She doesn’t use a specific song to lip-sync or dance to but uses her own voice explaining how the raffle works and what she did to upcycle the box. These kinds of DIY videos can be found across different topics on TikTok at the moment.  

The video received around 104k video views and an engagement rate on views of 23%. The latter corresponds with her average engagement rate of 22.9% (see Collabary profile below). 

Source: Collabary Discovery


Looking at this month’s top TikTok sponsored videos, we identified three findings to consider when running campaigns with influencers on TikTok : 

Solid mix of big and small brands: When it comes to paid influencer collaborations, TikTok is not only a playground for big brands (such as Beats or Zalando) but also has a lot of potential for smaller, niche brands to boost awareness in the desired target group. Brands related to dancing (such as Frozen Couture) or other active sports (Smilodox) can very easily and authentically be integrated in the fun-style videos, too. 

Value beyond pay: Incentivising creators beyond just cash is definitely a thing on TikTok. Take the Beats example, where creators participating in the challenge had the chance to be part of a famous artists’ music video, thus offering them exposure and a real added value.

Raffles are a thing: We have frequently seen this on Instagram and now this engagement boosting factor is also more extensively used on TikTok. The difference: combining raffles with creative challenges or in-person meet & greets that further strengthens the community sense on TikTok. 

What’s next?

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