Why You Need To Take A Holistic Approach To Influencer Marketing

In an age where you are competing with an infinite amount of content that could distract your audience at any stage in the online marketing process, it’s important to think of your strategy in a holistic sense. This requires you to step back and take a look at the whole picture. 

Holistic Approach

Taking the holistic approach is to think of a beginning, middle and endpoint for every step of the way that your audience interacts with your influencer’s content. Whatever your objective, if you can see how every element of the campaign is an important sum of a larger whole whilst telling a story, then you will not only satisfy your bottom line but also your customer. It’s no secret that we have all become more sceptical of questionable storytelling. This is why 84% of millennials no longer trust traditional marketing forms, and why the latest, most effective means of expressing a story through marketing has been with influencers. Audiences now demand a new level of authenticity from brands. 

Through influencers, endorsements become a part of a whole narrative, an element to a larger story that plays out in real-time on our screens. These stories are interesting, trustworthy and relatable, and are enough to keep audiences on a journey. To plan an influencer marketing strategy holistically, you need to consider every touchpoint of your customer’s journey with the content. Just like storytelling, there needs to be a clear path from the introduction to the campaign all the way to the conclusion. To begin, you need to determine what your objective is, whether it’s awareness, engagement or sales. Once you have outlined this, you will need to figure out what is the result that you would deem a success, as well as how you will measure this success. 

Get The Look Campaign

In our Zalando Get The Look campaign, we began with an objective to increase sales. Our first touchpoint was Instagram. Here, audiences could see influencers modelling an outfit that could be bought on Zalando. The outfit would be displayed in their stories, where customers could swipe up to a link to the ‘Get The Look’ page on Zalando and find every item modelled listed as well as the same content that was posted by the influencer. 


This not only leads the customer to their purchase but again displays the image of the clothing on their trusted influencer, as opposed to a new model wearing the clothes. By reminding the customer of how they relate to their desired product further along their journey, we lead them down the touchpoint path to our objective – a sale.

Under Armour #letsgobam Campaign

For our Under Armour #letsgobam campaign, our objective was to increase brand awareness with a female customer base. To do this, we used our Collabary platform tool to find female influencers that represented a sporty lifestyle to a large following of our desired demographic. We then built a team of three talented women to create in-house content that inspired women to share their BAM moment – that is, a moment of personal success. 

The campaign not only linked to Instagram channels but also to a special landing page on Zalando, where shoppable styles were also displayed. This created a smooth, cross-channel experience from social media to the e-Commerce store. The project was a success, with our measuring tool finding the share of voice on social media about Under Armour displayed a prominent uplift during the campaign.


In taking a holistic approach to influencer marketing, you are harnessing the power of good storytelling to achieve your objectives. The holistic approach allows you to perfect every step of the customer’s journey, from a prominent beginning all the way to a satisfying conclusion. Find some good examples of holistic influencer marketing campaigns in the beauty industry in one of our latest articles.