4 Things Fyre Festival Taught Us About The Power Of Influencer Marketing

Forget the age of Aquarius - it’s the age of the influencer. Thanks to the fiasco that was Fyre Festival and Netflix’s cunning documentary expose on the dark details of its demise, (or as it...

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Collabary Community: Influencer Q&A Willy Iffland

Hello blog readers! It is officially February and we have another interview for you this month. Introducing Willy Iffland. Willy is originally from Germany, was born and raised in Rudolstadt and...

Elise Hoggard 7. February 2019

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The Cheat Sheet: Who Wins In The Battle Of The Influencer Marketing Heavyweights?

Obviously it’s Instagram (in line for Queen of content)… It’s hard to argue with Instagram’s credentials to be the Queen of Influencer Marketing when it comes to content. Just take a look at...

Elise Hoggard 6. July 2018

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For Brands

How To Be Ridiculously Good At Influencer Marketing On YouTube

The world is watching No matter how many whizzy new social media platforms, or filters that make you look like a hamster, come and go YouTube has always been (and probably always will be) the...

Elise Hoggard 11. January 2018

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