Content Quality vs. Creative Freedom: How To Brief Your Influencer

Photo credit: Dylan Gillis There are some who still believe that to create an influencer-driven marketing campaign, they must submit to handing over their business’ voice to an outsider in the...

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IGTV Turns One: The Past, Present, and Future of Instagram’s Ambitious Platform

When Instagram first announced IGTV in June of 2018, many didn’t know what to make of the news. While at the time Instagram’s user count was reported to have hit one billion active monthly users,...

Team Collabary 15. August 2019

For Content Creators

For Content Creators

How To: Keep Your Mental Health In Balance With Social Media

The link between mental health issues and social media is not exactly new information, but we believe it is a conversation worth having this month, as Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close in...

Anna Meyfarth 2. November 2018

For Content Creators

For Content Creators

3 Reasons Why... Now’s A Good Time For Influencers To Go Bot-Free

1. Brands are cracking down on fake followers Speaking in Cannes this year, Keith Weed – CMCO at Unilever – announced they would no longer be working with any influencer who buys followers, uses...

Anna Meyfarth 9. August 2018

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The Mother Load – Why Social Media Influencing Is A Market Filled With Moms

Moms, moms, moms Whether you call her mommy, mum or mama (if she happens to be a 19th century Countess) the most important lady in your life is also pretty much the most important lady on social...

Team Collabary 26. May 2017

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