Make This Valentine's Day Special With a Little Influencer Marketing Inspiration

Love is in the air! As we’re about to move from January to February, it’s hard to not feel a stir of romance bubble up in our chests. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner,...

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Here Are All the Reasons, 2020 Was an Important Year for Influencer Marketing

Photo credit: Moritz Knöringer A lot has happened in the last 12 months. In the face of some really intense circumstances, social media and influencer marketing blossomed, making way for some of...

Team Collabary 17. December 2020

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For Brands

Tips and Tricks to Make Your New Year's Campaign a Roaring Success

Photo credit: Jamie Coupaud As the old song goes: what are you doing New Year’s Eve? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be checking in on your influencer collaborations and seeing how...

Team Collabary 19. November 2020

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For Brands

5 Influencer Marketing Trends We Predict For 2020

With 2019 rapidly nearing its completion, it’s about time we start to look forward to the new year where the newest and most exciting prospects are waiting to shake up the influencer marketing...

Team Collabary 27. December 2019

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