Sustainable Fashion and Beauty: Brands and Influencers Changing the Game

Photo credit: Bina Nöhr

Anyone who is even remotely conscious of current events knows that the planet needs our help. Climate change is real and happening, and while it sometimes feels like we don’t have much control over the situation, brands now have a huge responsibility to produce their inventory sustainably. Fashion is such a big part of our daily lives, and promoting sustainable clothing is a great way to lessen the burden on Mother Earth while also introducing your consumers to a greener way of living.

Since sustainability becomes more and more important, we’re showcasing a few fashion and beauty brands as well as influencers who are doing their part to change the fashion industry for the better and promote and/or produce high-quality sustainable fashion for the masses. 

Driving the Change

Newcomer nu-in

Photo credit: nu-in

nu-in’s manifesto is simple: to create beautiful clothing while having a minimal impact on the environment. Through reusing sustainable materials, working closely with their factory in Portugal, and even shipping their clothes in durable, recyclable cardboard boxes, nu-in strives to lower their carbon footprint in just about every possible area of their brand. Their clothes are stylish, minimalistic, and clean-cut, proving that you can look totally fashion-forward all while endorsing sustainability.

Jayne Crash

Photo credit: Jayne Cash

Just looking at 29-year-old, Berlin-based fair fashion influencer Jayne Cash’s Instagram grid fills you with a sense of calm. With her woodsy, down-to-earth aesthetic, it’s no wonder that she has become an expert on sustainable fashion, through promoting eco-conscious brands in her stories to showcasing outfits that range from organically produced materials to second-hand pieces.  

Being the Change

Fashion Giant Armedangels and Corinna Borucki, aka kissenundkarma

Photo credit: Armedangels

Founded in 2007, Cologne-based brand Armedangels has been making a point to promote sustainable fashion longer than most. Their approach is extremely detailed: they produce all their clothing in Europe, they ship their product by rail unless completely impossible, and even their office runs on renewable energy. Their DetoxDenim collection uses no harmful chemicals and drastically reduces water waste, so their jeans can be not only fashionable but totally guilt-free.

To substantiate their statements and goals, Armedangels works with influencers like Corinna, who is on Instagram under the name kissenundkarma.

Photo credit: Corinna Borucki

She has gone the extra mile from just promoting sustainable brands like Armedangels on her page to even starting her own! As the owner of Coco Malou, a Stuttgart-based ethical lingerie line, Corinna brings her classic, feminine fashion aesthetic to the forefront. Most of their materials used are organically sourced, and their manufacturers support fair working conditions. And though they used Tencel (which is derived from wood pulp), they pledge to plant a tree for every set sold. It’s little details like that end up making a huge difference when shopping sustainably. 

This example shows one more time that an authentic relationship between the brand and the chosen influencer is the key.

Beauty Brand Acaraa and Bina Nöhr

Photo credit: Acaraa

Sustainability isn’t only for fashion—there are also many forward-thinking beauty brands who are working diligently to make their products more eco-friendly. The ingredients in Acaraa’s all-natural skincare products are organically farmed and then processed locally in their laboratory in Munich. They make sure that all their products are plastic- and microbead-free, and come in cute little amber bottles – that, let’s be honest, look better than plastic anyway! Even their packaging is carbon-neutral: scan a QR code on your shipment and Acaraa will tell you what climate protection program they partnered with in order to rebalance the CO2 emissions spent while shipping. Pretty genius!

In August 2020, Acaraa teamed up with Hamburg-based Bina Nöhr–who has become a big player in the sustainable fashion scene in Germany–to promote their Repairing Hair Oil.

Photo credit: Bina Nöhr for Acaraa

Through Bina’s site Stryle TZ, she gives advice on how to shop sustainably, what brands to trust, and how to not compromise your style while still doing your part for the environment. From fair fashion, to vegan clothing options and organic beauty, Bina is a total expert on what it takes to make sustainability not just a trend, but a lifestyle choice.

What’s Next?

It’s time to make sustainability a priority! Do you have any questions about how to make your brand campaigns more eco-conscious? Or do you want to work with one of the amazing creators we just featured? Shoot us an email via and we’ll help you out.