Success Story: Baby-Walz #wirbleibenzuhause

Photo credit: baby-walz

In 1952, Alfons Walz compiled the first catalogue with items all-around babies and mothers. Since then, many things have changed but what has stayed the same is that baby-walz provides parents-to-be as well as toddlers and children with everything they need – from useful advice in their magazine to an extensive range of essential products.

By using the Collabary platform since May 2019, baby-walz has already done a lot of influencer marketing campaigns with different objectives and approaches. They not only managed to elaborate great campaign concepts but as well are quite experienced in the industry.

“With Collabary, we took our first steps in influencer marketing and grew accordingly with our campaigns. Our contact persons at Collabary also supported us with tips and ideas and thus, once again, brought in new approaches.”

 Lorena Unger, Jr. Online Marketing & Communication Manager at baby-walz

To celebrate baby-walz running successful influencer marketing campaigns on the Collabary platform, they shared some insights about their #wirbleibenzuhause campaign and their experience with Collabary.

Photo credit: Scarlett Gartmann for baby-walz

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