Spooky Season: 3 Halloween Campaigns to Get You In the Mood

Photo credit: vikyandthekid

It’s the spookiest time of the year! The autumn leaves have barely hit the ground and you know what that means: it’s time to think about Halloween campaigns. What better way to get inspired than to take a look back at some of our favorite creepy and eerie fashion and beauty influencer campaigns from last year?

How did we find these spine-chilling posts? With our Collabary Content Discovery feature, of course!

The Content Discovery is a feature that enables you to find, collect, engage, and repurpose relevant content created by social media influencers. You can search by relevant criteria like designated hashtags, engagement rate, country, number of followers, and basically any other metric your heart desires. The sky is truly the limit in terms of content you can find, collaborate with, or repurpose. 

To find the examples below, we searched the term “Halloween” and limited the results to content creators from the DACH region with more than 188k followers, who posted from September 2019 to now. Then we sorted the results by the posts that garnered the highest engagement and voilà! Let the hair-raising inspiration commence!

Source: Collabary’s Content Discovery

1. Viky and the Kid and Coach

Viky and the Kid, aka Viktoria Rader from Munich, Germany, is a mother of two whose unmatched fashion and beauty skills have netted her 417K followers, who truly love with her “supermom on the go” attitude.

Photo credit: vikyandthekid

Last year, Viky spent Halloween in London, where she created this fun and whimsical video for Coach’s Halloween party, as a brand sponsorship in collaboration with Zalando. Opting for a less spooky look, she wore a stunning pink suit for a David-Bowie-meets-Tilda-Swinton effect. Her followers loved it, and the campaign was a total success—a good reminder that with excellent content, you don’t have to alter your brand to fit a seasonal campaign. Just make it your own!

2. Shopaholic Girl and Ecco Shoes

Another super chic mommy influencer: Natalie Oettgen has amassed 274K followers under the name Shopaholic Girl—and with a pseudonym like that, you know she’s using her fashion sense to the max. 

Photo credit: Shopaholic Girl

Last Halloween, she recruited her daughter for this super cute photoshoot for Ecco Shoes, proving that sometimes, you just need a few seasonal props and some superstar charisma to make your campaign pop. Even a raffle for one women’s and one kid’s shoe was integrated in this campaign. Natalie’s followers interacted with a robust 4.7% engagement rate, which is perfect for a brand like Ecco who wanted to reach further into the family market. 

3. Luisa Crashion and NYX Cosmetics

For a twist on a modern classic, 25-year-old Stuttgart make-uo influencer Luisa Crashion went for a dark Ariel look to celebrate Halloween. Known for her everyday beauty hacks and classic make-up style, this was really out of the box for her, and it paid off! Not only is the costume immaculate, but she was able to showcase her collaboration with NYX Cosmetics, who she was sure to give a mention in the post caption. 

Photo credit: Luisa Crashion

Luisa has 208K Instagram followers with an excellent 11.8% engagement rate, so you know this post was well received.

What’s Next?

So? Do you feel ready to take on Halloween? If you need more inspiring content from our favorite influencer, make sure to check out our Content Discovery tool and see what you can find. Your next seasonal campaign is sure to be a smash hit! Shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure to help you out.