Social Media Updates Round-Up: November Edition

The holidays may be fast approaching, but social media never takes a day off! To keep you up-to-date with all the newfangled features on Instagram, TikTok. and Co., every month we bring you a neat and tidy Social Media Updates Round-Up. This month there’s a lot to go through, what with Instagram’s much talked about Shop roll-out, new rules around nudity, and much more. Let’s dig in!

Instagram Messenger Launches Watch Now

Most of you will have noticed that Facebook (who of course, own Instagram) have been angling to merge their Messenger feature with the traditional Instagram DM feature, to create a sort of mega Messenger service directly into both apps. 

Photo credit: Instagram

One anticipated feature in the new Instagram messenger is Watch Now, which lets groups of friends watch IGTV together, in real-time. Instagram has even rolled out some original content with this launch, like a beer pong tournament show hosted by rapper Post Malone—could Instagram be making a play towards streaming? Watch this space!

New Reels and Shop Tabs 

Everytime you open Instagram these days, it seems like something on the homescreen has changed. Well, your muscle memory is about to be put to the test yet again, because this month Instagram rolled out dedicated homepage tabs for their Reels and Shop features. 

Photo credit: Instagram

If you look towards the bottom of the app, you’ll see a little shopping bag icon—that will take you straight to the Shop section, where you can buy wares from different creators and brands you follow. In the center of the screen is the Reels tab, where you can now scroll through your feed of Instagram’s TikTok-inspired quick bite video content. These icons may seem like a tiny change, but they have a huge impact: slowly but surely, Instagram are trying to expand way beyond being just a photo and video sharing app. And it looks like they’re succeeding. 

Instagram Changes its Nudity Policy 

Let’s be honest, sometimes Instagram’s community guidelines have borderlined on censorship for many of its users. Often, marginalized groups have had their posts taken down or even their accounts suspended for posting content that more famous and celebrated influencers can publish without any pushback whatsoever. This month though, a big step forward has been made, mostly because of a young woman named Nyome Nichols-Williams. 

Nyome is a Black, plus-size model and influencer, and a photo where she was seen hugging her naked body was flagged as indecent by Instagram. When thousands of thin, white models post images like these daily, it was clear to Nyome that she was being silenced, so she spoke up on her page. Her campaign became a hashtag, #IWantToSeeNyome, and as of this month, Instagram now allows images where a model, no matter their size, can cup their own body in a non-sexual manner. Inspiring to see what activism can do on the platform!

React to Instagram Stories Without a DM

Is it just us, or can it get a little awkward sometimes when you react to a Story and it sends the person a full-on DM? Does your friend really need a whole notification that you sent a flame emoji because of their cool new outfit? Apparently, someone at Instagram is asking the same questions because they are currently trying to work out a way to react to a story without the automatic one-off DM.

Photo credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

Soon, you will be able to simply tap on your reaction and the person on the other end will see who reacted what to their Story, without starting a whole DM conversation. No word yet as to how this will look exactly, but we’re excited to see this feature streamlined a bit better in the near future. 

Instagram launches Guides

Yes, Instagram is rolling out yet another brand new feature this month! Say hello to Guides, a service that Instagram actually soft-debuted back in May, with showed users wellness content centered around how to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Since that was a popular series, now they have decided to make the Guides feature available to all its users.

Photo credit: Instagram

Now, creators can share Guides on any topic they choose and share the bite-sized scrollable posts on their feeds, Stories, or over Messenger. Instagram is betting that it will be an easy and engaging way to spread positive information around their community, helping both users and brands get excited about fresh content.

What’s Next?

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