Guest Writer: Why Make A Social Impact In 2019 And How This Can Help Your Brand

Millennials and Gen Z’s are louder than ever. They are most likely the target audience of your brand. And guess what, – they demand brands to “do good”. Why not pick up some new year resolutions for 2019? Here is a quick overview of how to be creative when picking an influencer and why you should think about “social impact” to strengthen your brand value.

Let’s have a throwback to the year 2015 in which world leaders have agreed to label some of the most difficult social problems. They summarized a total of 17 goals, which we all on this planet should be working towards, the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations.

Generally speaking, social impact means to make a positive change in our society. And your brand should create a better society. It has nothing to do with social media, social platforms or apps like Facebook. It’s about valuing the people and the planet just as much as your profit. And many influencers have taken political stances too.

2019 should be your year

Earlier in January, we observed Woman’s marches all over the world, including Berlin, where the Collabary headquarter is located. Social problems are more and more topic on social media too. With campaigns such as #MeToo or #WhoMadeMyClothes, underrepresented people are given a voice through those who have a wider audience. It’s the year of change and being political and having an opinion has picked up a great momentum to jump on board.

As reported by The Guardian, “the consumer is willing to spend more money on your brand if they consider you a meaningful brand”. So-called meaningful brands deliver more value to their customers than only satisfaction through consumption. That could be you through your brand or an influencer through their authenticity and a true belief for a good cause.

Diving deeper

social impact

Which social problem could your brand tackle? This answer depends on your product or service. But there are some general themes any brand could tackle to create societal value, no matter of the industry:

Care about your team. Start at the core of your organisation. How does the team feel? Are they burned out? And needy for a team building activity?

Gender balance. Do all genders (female, male and non-binary) have equal representation, even looking at all hierarchical levels? Gender equality could look good on paper but is only truly working if it’s on all levels. Many studies have shown how more diverse teams are creating better outcomes.

How can we give back to our direct surrounding? Many established corporates dedicate a certain amount of days per year to pro-bono work. All employees can work in local communities. What a great deal to help work-life-balance and lower stress rates.

Talking about your strategy to influencer marketing, here are some recommendations on how to be outstanding:

Support people with believe. There are a lot of influencers that are activists for a good cause. Do they fit your brand? Why not collaborate with those who support rescue shelters, gender equality or promote a sustainable lifestyle?

Work with micro influencers. Instead of supporting the big players of the industry, see beauty in working with a micro influencer, that could be a better fit and create a more personal relationship. Which brings us to:

Build longlasting relationships. It’s like any other relationship: The more you invest in it, the more it will give you in return. Once you identify the right match, grow a lasting collaboration than an anonymous transaction.

Do you feel inspired yet or rather overwhelmed? A great way to start is being vulnerable and acknowledge the interest in creating some sort of social impact. It’s okay not to be perfect. We all start somewhere…

Another great argument is to be the first mover within your segment. Why not be the first brand with equal gender representation within the company? Or the first to support a non-binary influencer? Social impact creates authentic and honest content for your followers!


social impactAbout the Author

Kim Gerlach is a fempreneur and sustainability geek. 

She is a writer, sustainable concept coach and social media star.

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