4 Influencers Who Use Their Platform To Inspire Social Change

Here at Team Collabary, we are always on the lookout for Influencers who are not just unique and authentic ambassadors for brands, but who use their voices to inform, motivate and inspire their followers with their dreams of positive social change. We understand that the best Influencers aren’t just trusted and loved because of their individual approach to fashion and lifestyle, but because they aren’t afraid to let their humanity show.

It’s for this reason that we wanted to celebrate four influencers who inspire us with their determination to spread messages of love, hope, and resilience on top of their brand ambassador work. By sharing their stories and inviting us to grow with them, we believe that they are setting a standard that content creators and followers alike can learn from.

1. Donté Colley


Photo credit: Donté Colley

There is no other content creator that gets our team buzzing and motivated every day quite like Donté Colley, the “Motivational Dancing Guy.” If you haven’t watched his emoji-laced, comically choreographed videos of smile-inducing inspiration, you need to stop what you are doing right now and check them out.

Interspersed with his sponsored fashion and styling content, his motivational dance posts are simultaneously hilarious and beautiful, each clip proof that in the oftentimes image-obsessed social media sphere, it’s okay to not take yourself so seriously and just celebrate the minor victories in life. “You need to recognize that you are your own person, and you have your own road to ride on,” Donté says. “So stop comparing yourself to other people and be true to who you are.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


2. Mari Malek


Photo credit: Mari Malek

DJ, model, actor, activist, and former refugee Mari Malek is living proof that with enough persistence, care and dedication, we can achieve anything despite our circumstances. Having fled conflict in her native South Sudan, Mari has since gone on to use her vast array of skills and social media platform to raise awareness for those still struggling in conflict zones around the world.

When she isn’t modeling for the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair, Mari is the CEO of Stand For Education, a non-profit created to empower refugees and underprivileged children through the arts. Having collaborated with the UN and UNICEF in bringing about impactful change to the most disenfranchised, Mari provides a warm and relatable voice for those outside of the spotlight.


3. Bea Johnson


Photo credit: Bea Johnson

As the most pressing ecological issue of our time, the threat of climate change is a concern that can no longer be ignored and requires action on everybody’s part. Lifestyle blogger, author, media personality and the “mother of the zero-waste movement” Bea Johnson has guided her family through a zero-waste lifestyle for over a decade, and now shares her tips and advice on how we can all enact change to benefit the planet.

Bea is an inspiring ambassador for all things green and regularly promotes sustainable and ethical products. By harnessing a practical and positive demeanor, Bea documents her travels around the world as she targets both large corporations and grassroots action to make the world a better place for generations to come. While we at Team Collabary explore new ways to reduce our ecological footprint, Bea’s inclusive guidance is a beacon of hope that we all need more than ever.


4. Jess Quinn


Photo credit:  Jess Quinn

The unhealthy quest for perfectionism can be an unfortunate reality for many content creators. The importance of our mental health and self-perception can sometimes be overlooked when spending so much time in a highly concentrated social bubble like Instagram, so when influencers like New Zealander Jess Quinn come on to the scene, it can be incredibly refreshing and inspiring.

Having lost her leg to bone cancer when she was nine, Jess has since grown a platform to celebrate self-love and empathy in the face of hardship. As a model, media personality and ambassador for numerous beauty brands and charities, Jess inspires us with her relentless activity despite her disability, showing us that when armed with self-belief and a positive attitude, we are all truly unstoppable.

If you are looking to use your platform to further social issues that you are passionate about, let these four influencers inspire you on how it can be done right. Remember: your followers admire you for you, and that includes your values and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to infuse them in to your content – let your influence not only inspire a change in your followers’ lifestyles but let it inspire them to help change the world.