Size Matters: Choosing the Right Influencer Marketing Approach For Your Company

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When it comes to influencer marketing, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all technique. At Collabary, we always adopt a two-tiered approach when developing a social media strategy that takes into account the size of the company and the campaign’s objective.

For large, established companies, the goal is often to break into the discerning millennial and Gen Z markets. In contrast, small startups are more likely aiming to generate brand awareness. To best demonstrate how you can achieve your influencer marketing goals depending on the size of your company, we’ve explored two cases that showcase the unique challenges and opportunities in both of these situations.

Crocs And the #ThousandDollarCrocs TikTok Challenge

TikTok continues to take the world by storm, currently boasting 2 billion downloads globally – making it the 7th most downloaded app of the decade – and has roughly 800 million monthly active users worldwide. It comes as no surprise that brands are swarming to this Gen Z dominated platform. 

One brand we’ve noticed utilizing TikTok to its fullest potential is Crocs. When Crocs first debuted in the early 2000s, the shoes were perceived to appeal to a demographic of consumers that focused more on function than fashion. Recent years have seen Crocs successfully overcome this perception problem with younger consumers, and recently much of this has been aided by its work with influencers on TikTok.

Before Crocs joined TikTok, the brand was already a viral sensation thanks to an organically created Shaving Cream Challenge, which involved people stepping into Crocs filled with shaving cream. Making the most out of the interest around the brand, Crocs joined TikTok and within a week, had over 100,000 followers. 

To keep up the momentum, Crocs launched the #ThousandDollarCrocs Challenge featuring Gen Z favorite Post Malone’s song “I’m Gonna Be” which included the lyrics, “Thousand dollar Crocs.” Crocs worked with 10 Influencers including Brittany Broski to launch the challenge, which encouraged TikTok users to show what customized thousand dollar Crocs might look like.

Photo credit: Brittany Broski

The results were incredible. Forty-five thousand videos were created, and the hashtag was viewed 95 million times within the first 36 hours of the launch. Crocs saw an 18% increase in followers on TikTok in the same timeframe. On top of this, Crocs showed off their “Come as you are” brand claim and undoubtedly positioned themselves as fashion frontrunners who champion individuality. 

By working on TikTok, Crocs have been able to redefine its standing in fashion and create a connection with a younger demographic. This has proved the potential of influencer marketing to help in pivoting brand perception and expose established products to a new customer pool.

HelloBody And the Meteoric Rise Of a German Beauty Brand

Startups present a unique set of challenges, therefore any digital marketing strategy needs to be tailored correctly. We often find that startups share similar objectives: they want to increase brand awareness and convert this awareness into sales. A small startup usually is unable to fund a 360-degree campaign with TV, print, and social media. That’s why we suggest spending the money where you’ll see the most return for your brand – influencer marketing. 

According to the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), for every dollar spent, influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.50 back. The DMI also presents another interesting fact: 60% of consumers consider purchasing an influencer-promoted product if they see it in-store, compared to 3% for a celebrity endorsement.

One company that utilized the power of influencer marketing is HelloBody – a German beauty brand. Founded in 2016 by Monique Hoell, HelloBody is now one of the most well-known beauty brands within the Gen Z and has amassed an 8 digit revenue – by almost only using influencer marketing.

Photo credit: Sarah Harrison for HelloBody

Even though the beauty sector is generally perceived as being quite glamorous for marketing campaigns, it’s still not easy to stick out the masses with your products and additionally, back in 2016, influencer marketing wasn’t as developed as it is today. So HelloBody faced the challenge to build awareness as a new player on the field and create buzz for its products. To help boost interest, the brand reached out to a huge number of Instagram influencers, introduced itself personally, and the influencers became interested in the products.

For example, HelloBody has been one of the first to partner up with Sarah Harrison (former Nowack) and is still working with her – they even co-create products together. This content creator who has 2.5 million followers today, grew enormously with the beauty brand and back in 2016, started showcasing two of their natural products on Facebook and Snapchat, a detox face mask and a body scrub.

Photo credit: Sarah Harrison for HelloBody

With an 8 digit revenue, more than 370k followers on their German Instagram account, and brand ambassadors like Sarah Harrison working with them since day one, HelloBody has definitely built a successful beauty brand based on influencer marketing. To back this up with numbers: using the Collabary Share of Voice tool, you can see that HelloBody has been consistently working with around 42 influencers every month in the first half of 2020 in Germany. When comparing this with established beauty brands like Nivea and Babor that have been on the market for decades now, this means a 52% share of all influencer corporations for HelloBody:

Source: Collabary platform

What’s Next?

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