Singles’ Day: How to Get the Most Out of the World’s Biggest Shopping Event

Photo Credit: Priscilla Du Preez

At this point, every brand in the fashion industry knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and sets up their marketing campaigns months in advance. But there’s one international discount day that is rapidly gaining traction in Europe, and specifically in the DACH region. Originating in China in the 1990s, Singles’ Day is now the biggest online and offline shopping day in the world in terms of sales—and more and more brands are making the most of it with influencer campaigns. Here’s how you can boost your brand’s visibility on seasonal sales events like Singles’ Day while exploring the vast opportunities influencer marketing has to offer!

What is Singles’ Day?

One day, back in the pre-eCommerce days of the early ‘90s, four students residing in Nanjing University’s all-single-male dormitories decided they would declare November 11 (11/11 — four times the loneliest number) as “Singles’ Day”. The idea caught on, and soon single men and women throughout the entire country were participating.

Chinese e-tail giant AliBaba has been able to capitalize on Singles’ Day unlike anything in the industry has ever seen before—over €35B in sales in 24 hours in 2019, over 2.5x the amount in the US for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. While these numbers from AliBaba have made Singles’ Day technically the biggest shopping day in the world, the trend is just now catching on in Europe, which means it’s more important now than ever to catch that first wave of early adopters. 

Choosing the Right Influencer for Singles’ Day

In order to get the word out around Singles’ Day, one strategy could be to tap several influencers at once and use their sense of style as inspiration for consumers to shop your brand. The choice of influencer is key—you’ll want someone who is, for example, single or spreads a lot of self care or self love, but also talkative, can hold people’s attention, and can put together content that tells a story rather than just show off their clothes.

We recommend using performance-based campaigns including features like Instagram Stories, with swipe-up links that lead followers directly to your shop or the promoted product. By including individualized discount vouchers tailored to each influencer you can not only attract extra appeal but it also helps to track the individual success rate.

Especially for, but not limited to, performance-based campaigns, we recommend having a closer look at the KPIs of your future collaboration partner. The first access point for this is, obviously, the creator’s profile.

Source: Collabary platform

On the profile of an influencer, you can find all relevant information and KPIs around Instagram in-feed posts as well as Stories. These facts can easily be compared to the industry benchmarks that help you to identify suitable influencers. With having a look at the posts per week, you should keep in mind that a higher frequency means a higher potential that your content will be seen by the audience. Within these KPIs, you can also find the ads to content ratio: 

The ads to content ratio shows the ratio between content the creator has marked as advertisements and all of the creator’s posts. This identifies easily who’s sharing a lot of sponsored content and, on the other hand, whose audience might be less saturated, thus more available for your campaign content.

Especially important for performance-based campaigns that, most often, include Instagram Stories with swipe-up links, are the Story Facts – Story impressions and Story reach – which can also be found directly on the creator’s profile. Beyond this, if you want to go even deeper into the KPIs of an influencer, you can have a look at their Campaign History that shows all campaigns the creator has been participating in. While having a look at their past campaigns, you can see real results of Posts and Stories.

Source: Collabary platform

Expert tip: When working with performance-based campaigns, you want to ensure that the chosen creator reaches a certain performance, eg. a 3% engagement rate or at least 250 story swipe-ups, you either expect or upfront agreed on. In this case, you could possibly use the variable payment on Collabary which can rely on certain aspects like a specific performance eg.

Source: Collabary platform

Perfect Example: Zalando’s End of Season Sale

This past May, Zalando ran an influencer campaign with the goal of raising awareness for the Zalando End of Season Sale. In order to drive traffic to the site, and eventually boosting sales, they tapped 11 influencers to take fans on a tour of their purchases via Instagram Stories. One the first week, they created their wishlist and ordered their clothes; on the second week, they showed their shopping haul to their fans; and on the third, they revealed a 15% off code valid for the last End of Season Sale weekend. The results were amazing: a whopping +634% CTR and +129% Story performance compared to benchmarks.

Photo credit: Patrizia Palme

How to Track Your Success with Collabary

Of course, the easiest way to manage your influencer campaign and check up on all your stats is to use the Collabary Campaigns dashboard. Once your campaign is done, you can see the total reactions, engagement rate, link clicks, CTR, and more stats to evaluate your success and see what worked and what didn’t. Especially important for performance-based campaigns that include Stories and swipe-ups, you can easily see an influencer’s performance in the reporting and if you’ve agreed on a variable payment based on certain KPIs, release it if you’re happy with the results.

Source: Collabary platform

It’s an invaluable tool to assure that you are getting the most out of your campaigns, and Singles’ Day is a great place to start since you’ll really get an idea of what it’s like to be part of an online movement from the first wave of popularity.

What’s Next?

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