Professional Posters – when’s the right time to go full time as a social media influencer?

Could your social media be making you money?

It’s a pretty familiar story. You start a blog, open an Instagram account, learn what Snapchat is all about and quickly, what began as a bit of fun turns into a total, joyful obsession.

So now, rather than dragging yourself to that job you hate on a cold Monday morning, what if you could actually make money from something you love to do?

This thought is probably running through the heads of many aspiring social media influencers. But taking the leap from enthusiastic amateur to full time influencer is understandably scary.

Choosing the right time

Without wanting to get you too excited, there’s never really been a better time to give professional influencing a go. Whether it’s the rapid rise in ad blocking or the public’s fading trust in traditional advertising, more and more brands are turning to social media influencers to tell their stories.

In fact, in a survey by Salesforce it was revealed that 70% of brands1 are looking to increase their social media influencer spend for the coming year.

New voices are speaking up

The rise in content marketing has caused a lot of brands to stop trying so hard to get people’s money and start trying to earn their interest. And a huge part of this is talking to them in the places where they like to spend their time and find their inspiration.

User bases for Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are all growing rapidly – and brands have noticed that to connect to these vast, super-engaged audiences they have to talk to them in a different way.

And that means finding passionate, knowledgeable and trusted voices (i.e. not the same old famous faces).

Reality check

While we could tell you plenty of success stories, the reality is that you need to be smart and patient if you want to make a living out of being a social media influencer.

The main problem seems to be finding a relationship that will work for brand and influencer alike. Brands often state that their biggest challenge is finding the ideal influencer, while social media influencers just starting out might not know how to go about building those relationships by themselves.

So, you’ve got the drive, the talent and a following who loves to see and hear what you have to say. How can you make that first step?

Making the right connections

It may sound pretty obvious, but the first thing you need to do is find the brands who would be willing to pay you to help them tell their stories – and this isn’t easy.

Yes, some brands might naturally find your social media profile and come to you. But if you want social media influencing to pay your bills you need to do a lot of the work to make people see why you’d be such an asset to their brand.

So, whether it’s reaching out to brands on social media, getting advice from people who are already doing what you want to do, or using free tools like Collabary to make it easier for brands to find you, it’s time to get out there and start making connections.

Because, when you do, you might not have too many more miserable Monday mornings to deal with!


  1. ‘State of Marketing Report’ Salesforce 2015