It’s Time to Plan Your Summer Campaign

Photo credit: Atikh Bana


With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your summer influencer marketing campaigns. While in the past the most obvious platform to share these campaigns was Instagram, the recent explosion of TikTok’s popularity has highlighted the importance of diversifying your approach to reaching a larger audience.

In this week’s blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how to make a summer campaign that is both eye-catching, authentic, and relevant to recent trends in influencer marketing. One major point that we’d like to make is that starting early is essential to ensuring effective execution, so with this in mind, let’s get started…


Things to Consider

As you brainstorm ideas for your campaign, it’s important to understand what summer means to your audience. If you’re a sportswear brand, it’s likely that this time signifies an increase in physical activity, whether it be hiking with friends or skateboarding in the sun. If you’re a skincare company, you may want to focus on what products will give a bright, fresh summery look while protecting skin from sun damage.

The key here is to take what people understand about summer in general and weave those through your content. Factors to consider are:

1. Summer campaign imagery tends to be bright, colorful, energetic, and happy. These, or words like them, would be great keywords to provide to your influencers in your briefs.

2. Try to find creators who have a proven record of sharing engaging summer content or who have displayed an ability to emulate the above-mentioned qualities of summer.

3. Consider that due to the unexpected events that have unfolded this year, summer may look slightly different. Unlike in previous years, tourism has been struggling and travel may not be advisable. Consider local destinations as backdrops for content.

Remember that audiences want to be able to relate with influencers, so this year there are likely a number of alterations that can be made that take into account this year’s changes. This is why planning early is essential – it gives your team enough time to consider any hurdles and come up with creative solutions. 


The Instagram Campaign

As we predicted at the start of the year, video content has continued to dominate Instagram. In fact, Instagram Stories are soon to overtake Facebook’s News Feed for post sharing. Additionally, now that IGTV is integrated within the Instagram feed, brands and creators are now able to share longer format videos to a wider audience, which opens the door to all kinds of new marketing opportunities.

Already we’ve seen users gravitate toward DIY fashion trends, and the recent announcement of Instagram Shops is set to revolutionize how products are sold through the platform. This is the first summer where brands will be able to integrate links to their shop, so it’s worth thinking about how influencers could help to guide users to your shoppable collections. 

Summertime is the peak of renewal and freshness, which is why it’s the best time to utilize the newest features Instagram has to offer. 

One brand who executed this perfectly last year was Malibu Rum for their #MalibuGames campaign. The campaign saw the brand collaborate with influencers including Hannah Stocking and Natti Natasha to maximize brand awareness and engagement across the globe.


Photo credit: Natti Natasha

To do this, the company created a special Malibu Games and recruited the influencers to front two teams. A number of episodes were created and shared to both IGTV and YouTube as well as the influencers’ own accounts. By teaming up two popular, sports-focused creators to highlight the distinctly summery product through IGTV, Malibu was able to achieve a reach of 212 million. Additionally, the clever pairing of the influencers resulted in them becoming friends, which saw 500% more content created and shared.


The TikTok Campaign

TikTok has come a long way since we first started featuring it last year. We’ve gone into plenty of detail on why you should consider TikTok as the home for your next influencer marketing campaign, so we won’t spend too much time doing the same here. All that we’ll say is that TikTok has proven that it is here to stay, and more and more people are paying attention to it.

What is important to consider is that TikTok tends to appeal to a much younger userbase so your audience may have different buying habits. However, due to the tools and extended time limit users have to create videos – TikTok videos are distinctly creative. Also, due to the nature of its campaign options such as Hashtag Challenges, TikTok campaigns inspire engagement and are prone to going viral.

Consider last year’s much-discussed efforts by US fast-food company Chipotle. Over summer, Chipotle spearheaded two spring/summer Hashtag Challenges that inspired TikTok’s audience to great effect in an effort to boost digital orders through its mobile app. The first campaign saw Chipotle team up with TikToker David Dobrik to celebrate free digital order deliveries with the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge. To participate, fans just needed to buy a Chipotle burrito bowl and share their lid flip.


Photo credit: David Dobrik


The second challenge was set for July 31, or National Avocado Day – the one day of the year where guacamole is free at the company. The #GuacDance challenge was launched by TikTok stars including Loren Grey and Brent Rivera and asked users to share a video of them dancing to “The Guacamole Song” by Dr. Jean. 


Photo credit: Loren Grey


By highlighting two spring/summer events that were relevant to the brand and using them to launch promotions, Chipotle created campaigns that were both authentic and engaging. Both campaigns saw records being broken for digital sales, with the #GuacDance resulting in the highest-performing brand challenge on TikTok ever at the time. Chipotle became one of the most followed brands on the platform and the campaign achieved over 1 billion impressions.



Before you begin, it’s best to consider what summer means to your audience and how you can utilize this in your brand message. Starting the planning process early is essential, as it will allow you to recognize and hurdles that need overcoming as well as any opportunities to exploit.

Instagram’s new Shop feature and integration of IGTV into the feed provides a great opportunity for brands to use video to boost in-app sales. Instagram is always updating its platform, so prove your understanding of the platform by utilizing the newest features to surprise your audience.

TikTok has proven a great platform to boost engagement, and done correctly, TikTok campaigns can support driving sales. Collaborate with influencers to inspire their audiences to create content that is fun and engaging. Research days or events in the season that relate to your brand and use them to launch promotions – TikTok has the potential to create viral movements in an extremely short period of time. 


What’s Next?


Already 5 million active users in Germany and the growth doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon – TikTok continues to surge in popularity and you may be wondering whether it is time to pivot your attention to the short-form video platform.

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