Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us In September 2020

Photo credit: Rose Theron

The leaves are brown, the sky is grey, and we just turned on the heat for the first time this season: that’s right, autumn is well and truly upon us! And with it, a whole new crop of influencers to inspire you for your next campaign. Every month, we at Collabary give you the lowdown on the freshest faces on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube that have caught our eye. Each one of these creators has an engagement rate of over 10% ER, so you know they’re the real deal. Whether it be fashion, travel, food, family, or anything in between, there’s sure to be an influencer that can help your brand reach its maximum potential. Without further ado, here is September’s crop:

1. Zoé Tondut, France

Photo courtesy of Zoé Tondut

Leading the pack we have Zoé Tondut, all the way from Paris, France. Not only has she garnered 1.4M Instagram followers (with a fantastic 8.9% engagement rate) with her cute and fun mix of chic and casual fashion and beauty, she’s also becoming quite the force on TikTok, with 727K followers and a 9% engagement rate. With 1.6M YouTube subscribers as well, you can see why at only 19, Zoé is quickly becoming a huge force in the French influencer scene. 

2. Rose Theron, France

Photo courtesy of Rose Theron

Also hailing from France (but this time, Toulouse), Rose Theron barely just turned 18 but is already taking the influencer community by storm. She has a fashion-conscious girl next door vibe—and with 1.2M followers on Instagram followers and a whopping 3.8M on TikTok (10.1% and 6.3% engagement, respectively) her fans definitely relate to her clean-cut and preppy style. A perfect addition to any campaign targeting teen girls, as her reach is 85% female on both platforms.

3. Tamara Hitz, Germany

Photo courtesy of Tamara Hitz

With 621K Instagram followers and a massive 20% engagement rate (!), Tamara is swiftly moving up the Influencer ranks in Berlin. Her style is totally emblematic of the German capital—ultra-cool streetwear and sleek make-up looks abound. Her fans are 69% German and 89% female, so not only is her content on point, but she really has her finger on the pulse of what is happening right now for young German women. One to watch!

4. Tim Hendrik Walter, Germany

Tim Walter is like the German James Bond in the law scene —his style is super suave and high-end. Suits, watches, pristine turtlenecks: in short, perfect for luxury brands or brands looking to elevate their style. But what is really striking about Tim is his content on TikTok: Tim is a specialist lawyer for family law and shares topics relevant for kids such as “Are your parents allowed to read your text messages?”

Photo courtesy of Tim Hendrik Walter

With his entertaining content, he has amassed him 2.3M followers with a 3.7% engagement. Not bad at all! He counts 394K followers with an 10% engagement rate on Instagram and around 63K subscribers on YouTube.

5. Maceiva Saint Val, France

Photo courtesy of Maceiva Saint Val

Another TikTok success story, 20-year-old Parisian influencer Maceiva Saint Val is publishing her beauty tip videos and fashion hauls to 903K followers (6.4% engagement) but her Instagram is also blowing up with 132K followers with an incredible 13.6% engagement. Her content is extremely fun, with her bubbly personality effortlessly shining through everything she does. And her young followers respond: her fans are 87% female and 56% are between 18-24 years old. 

6. Vincent Dominioni, Germany 

Photo courtesy of Vincent Dominioni

Vincent’s engagement rate on Instagram is really strong: 14.6% for 122K followers. The design-savvy 23-year-old is based in Berlin, and his super-stylized selfies show off his incredible style and fashion sense. The majority of his followers are in Germany, so he’s perfect for fashion-forward campaigns appealing to cool young people.

7. Hendrik Verst, Germany

Photo courtesy of Hendrik Verst

Hendrik’s Instagram handle (@fitdad_hendrik) tells you everything you need to know: he’s all about his kids and fitness! His 92K followers tune into his adventures in sports and parenting at a 10.7% engagement rate. His style is very functional and Euro, so he’s perfect for family-centered campaigns that want to retain a masculine touch. 

What’s Next?

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