Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us In October

Photo credit: Ilanah Cohen

Well, another month has come and gone, and you know what that means: it’s time to meet a new batch of newcomers! Every month, we here at Collabary compile a list of the top influencers that have impressed us with their content creation, follower count, and engagement numbers. With their rock-solid KPIs, you’re sure to find the perfect collaborator for your next campaign.

The influencer marketing industry is forever changing, and we’re happy to keep you up-to-date with the latest movers and shakers. Here are the newcomers that wowed us in October:

1. Ingrid Desput, Germany

Photo credit: Ingrid Desput

Hailing from the German capital, Ingrid has been able to amass 322K Instagram followers with a respectable 4.4% engagement rate, thanks to her flirty and fun style and beauty sense. Furthermore, 21% of her followers are from Germany, making her perfect for German-language fashion collabs.

2. Tobi You, Germany 

Photo credit: Tobi You

Tobi is barely 18, but has already cemented himself as one to watch, for sure. Not only does he have 235k Instagram followers with an unheard-of 36.8% engagement rate, but he’s also blowing up on TikTok, with a whopping 1.9M followers tuning in at a 4.8% engagement rate. His super-stylish posts are popular with girls: an incredible 91% of his TikTok followers are female.

3. Mademoiselle Nicolette, Germany 

Nicolette is a German creator, comedian, and actress based in Koblenz, and her 226k Instagram followers interact with her beauty and fashion content at a robust 5.5% engagement rate. Her audience reachability and credibility are both rated excellent, and with 79% of her followers in the German market, she most definitely has her finger on the pulse.

Nicolette is mostly known for her Instagram format “Dirty Donnerstag”. Usually, every Thursday she answers questions – mainly about friendships, relationships, and more disreputable topics – of the audience in her Instagram Stories in a very fun and sarcastic way.

4. Ilanah Cohen, France

Photo credit: Ilanah Cohen

Our first Francophone influencer this month, Ilanah Cohen calls Paris home. With her decidedly Parisian style, she’s garnered 202k Instagram followers at an excellent 13% engagement rate. Looking for a collaborator with a good handle on GenZ? Ilanah is your woman: 109K (54%) of her followers are between the ages of 18-24.

5. Christian Wascheck, Germany

Photo credit: Christian Wascheck

When you think “stylish German guy,” is the image that pops into your head not exactly Christian Wascheck? Christian is one of our influencers who is making it work on both Instagram, with 81K followers and 13.6% engagement, and TikTok, with 44K followers and 6.2% engagement. Clearly, they keep coming back for his classic European fashion, gregarious personality and let’s not forget to mention his cute dog Scotty – a man’s best friend.

6. Mikey Speakman, England

Photo credit: Mikey Speakman

A good British lad, Mikey is holding it down in Manchester, England. His style mixes activewear and streetwear for a unique blend of forward-thinking fashion and comfort that men love. With 66K Instagram followers and 40% of them being based in the UK, his audience is very UK-focused and interacts at a 5.8% engagement rate. Perfect for English-language men’s fashion collabs!

7. Erik Sabas, Germany

Photo credit: Erik Sabas

Erik Sabas is on Instagram under the handle, because–surprise!–his entire account is dedicated to his super-cute baby daughter Clara. Erik posts mostly about travel and family – and his 10k followers love keeping up with his fatherly duties which is proven with a solid 11.5% engagement rate, no less.

What’s Next?

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