Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us in November

Photo credit: Luana Massaro

Can you believe 2020 is almost over already? While this year was certainly a rollercoaster for us all, influencer marketing stayed as important as ever for brands to stay connected to their audiences. People are relying more and more on social media for entertainment, information, and shopping, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest movers and shakers who are really making the most out of their platforms. 

Thus, we bring you our Newcomer Alert, where we present to you 7 newcomers on Collabary who have impressed us with their influencing skills over the past month. We choose these creators based on several KPIs—their follower count, but also their engagement rate, the content they post, their post frequency, etc.

1. Julia Frölich, Germany

Photo credit: Julia Frölich

First up is Julia Frölich from Düsseldorf, who has become quite popular on social media through her xLaeta channels—with 2.5M Instagram and 1.2M TikTok followers (with 3.2% and 3% engagement, respectively) she’s definitely making a name for herself in the fashion, beauty, and travel scenes. She has a huge reach in Germany, representing 83% of her TikTok followers, so she would be a perfect collaborator for campaigns focused on the DACH region.

2. Joline Becker, Germany

Photo credit: Joline Becker

Twenty-year-old beauty and fashion influencer Joline hails from Berlin and has been able to amass over 1.5M followers on TikTok with her mix of style advice, cool product hauls, and bubbly personality. With a 2.7% engagement rate on the platform, she’s building her fanbase steadily and surely. Meanwhile, on Instagram, her 677K followers are engaging with her content at an amazing 17.6% rate, so it’s safe to say Joline has the game on lock!

3. Luana Massaro, Germany

Photo credit: Luana Massaro

Since first posting on Instagram back in April, Luana Massaro has garnered 628K followers—quite the feat! Her fans hit all the right demos: 55% are the coveted 18-24 age group, and 77% are female, which makes her a perfect collaborator for beauty campaigns (as does her propensity for amazing selfies!).  At a 5.5% engagement rate, she’s keeping her followers interested, while over on her TikTok, her 1.8M followers tune in for her “Real Talk” series of direct-to-camera updates on her life and opinions. 

4. Rossella Meli, Germany

Photo credit: Rossella Meli

We know Rossella is checking her TikTok every morning because she is about to hit 1M followers! The 20-year-old Berliner posts her wacky life updates, as well as fun outfits and fashion and make-up tips to the platform, and her followers are happy to tune in at a 2.8% engagement rate. Like many popular TikTokers, her followers skew young: 61% are 18-24 years old, and most hail from Germany (83%), On her Instagram, where her content is a little more subdued, her 574K followers are treated to her chic and stylish fashion shoots. 

5. Sebastian Pannek, Berlin

Photo credit: Sebastian Pannek

Yes, back in 2017, Sebastian was the protagonist of his own season of The Bachelor, but since then he’s been chilling on Instagram, with 475K followers tuning in. Recently, Sebastian married his wife Angelina Pannek, former Heger, who was a contestant on another season of The Bachelor, and additionally, they just got a little baby boy. Sebastian’s wedding content was his most popular to date. Both his audience credibility and audience reachability are classified as “Very Good”, so he’s definitely a safe bet for German-focused celeb campaigns. 

6. Natacha and Melanie Canoot, Belgium 

Photo credit: Natacha & Melanie

Belgian sisters Natacha and Melanie post on Instagram and TikTok under the name Mocean, and their super-cute brand of colorful and fun fashion has gotten them 146K and 49K followers on each platform, respectively. Their formula is simple yet effective: wear similar but not matching outfits, strike an adorable pose in a picturesque setting, and voila, the Mocean brand is born! And with a very respectable 8.6% Instagram engagement rate, their followers just can’t get enough.

7. Jordan Anghui, Bordeaux

Photo credit: Jordan Anghui

Jordan Anghui calls his Instagram profile #Pastelland, and it’s easy to see why: every single outfit the 24-year-old posts is a meticulously styled pastel palette overload, and we love to see it! With 37.9K followers with 17.4% engagement, he’s really serving one of the most interesting fashion profiles we’ve seen in a long time. Don’t sleep on this one. 

What’s Next?

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