Newcomer Alert: 7 Creators Who Impressed Us In November

Photo by: Svenja Krach


The Collabary Newcomer Alert is a monthly series that aims to provide you with details about new talented content creators that have signed up to Collabary in the past month. We select 7 of these influencers based on several KPIs, like the number of followers or engagement rate.

This topic has been highlighted not only to keep you up-to-date on who and what audiences are responding to but also to draw attention to and celebrate new talent. The influencer marketing industry is developing at an ever-increasing rate, we are excited to share with you the newest members to this inspiring community of creators.


1. Nicolas Kaufmann, Germany


Photo credit: Nicolas Kaufmann

Based in Munich, Nicolas Kauffman is an 18-year-old content creator who has been attracting attention from followers across the globe with his fashion, travel and lifestyle posts. Nicolas has garnered an engagement rate of 27.8% from his Instagram content. In addition to this, we have seen his Instagram follower count grow by roughly 10% in less than a month to 216k followers, while his TikTok account has climbed to a staggering 1.4 million followers.


2. Levin Hotho, Germany


Photo credit: Levin Hotho

Levin Hotho is a Berlin-based content creator who has charmed his way into the hearts of his followers with his humorous, positive and engaging posts. At 18-years-old, Levin has garnered himself 178k followers while maintaining an impressive engagement rate of 30.8%. He can also be found posting vlogs to his travel-based YouTube channel. Considering only 28% of his audience is based in his native Germany, it’s clear that Levin has global appeal.


3. Pleun Bierbooms, The Netherlands


Photo credit: Pleun Bierbooms

With 113k followers, Pleun Bierbooms is a Dutch singer and influencer based in Amsterdam that has earned an engagement rate of 6.1% with her fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle content. Pleun is especially embraced within her home country, with 80% of her followers based in the Netherlands. As the winner of the 7th season of The Voice Netherlands, it’s clear to see why brands such as Nivea would want to collaborate with her.


4. Karolina Lodyga, Germany


Photo credit: Karolina Lodyga

With 20k followers on Instagram, Karolina Lodyga is a Polish actress based in Germany and is a part of the famous series “4 Blocks” that plays in Berlin. Her posts have managed to generate an engagement rate of 9.3%, while her audience appeal interestingly has a fairly even 60/40 split between male and female followers. Her warm and intimate content has clearly hit a nerve with her followers, with particular attention given to her on-set photos and travel adventures.


5. Annabelle Lüttwitz, Germany

Photo credit: Annabelle Lüttwitz

At 21-years-old, Dresden-based influencer Annabelle Lüttwitz appeals to her audience of 3k Instagram followers with beautifully curated fashion and lifestyle posts. Her followers are clearly impressed, with Annabelle managing a 19.3% engagement rate on both her self-driven and sponsored content. Already we can tell that Annabelle’s appeal is quite broad – her audience is split by 60/40 with male and female demographics and roughly 60% of her followers live outside of Germany!


6. Dominik Abendroth, Germany


Photo credit: Dominik Abendroth

German influencer Dominik Abendroth is another newcomer to the Collabary platform that has impressed us and his 3k followers with his professional-quality travel, fashion and lifestyle-focused feed. His posts have garnered a 19% engagement rate, and it’s not just his followers who are drawn in by his particularly considered aesthetic – he already counts brands such as Dior Skincare and Picard backpacks as collaborators. 


7. Svenja Krach, Germany


Photo credit: Svenja Krach

Svenja Krach is a dancer and influencer based in Germany that has amassed a following of 2.5k followers on Instagram through her mesmerizing, colorful content. In under three weeks, her follower count has grown by roughly 10%, with audiences engaging with her beautifully composed images at a rate of 20.4%. Svenja clearly has an eye for detail, so we can’t wait to see how she continues to collaborate with brands in further bringing her visions to life.