Newcomer Alert: 7 Creators Who Impressed Us In May

Photo credit: Larisa Topalo


The Collabary Newcomer Alert is a monthly series that aims to provide you with details about new talented content creators that have signed up to Collabary in the past month. We select 7 of these influencers based on several KPIs, like the number of followers or engagement rate, but also consider the quality of their content posted.

This topic has been highlighted not only to keep you up-to-date on who and what audiences are responding to but also to draw attention to and celebrate new talents. The influencer marketing industry is developing at an ever-increasing rate, we are excited to share with you the newest members to this inspiring community of creators.

Since we’ve now enabled TikTok profiles for all creators who have a TikTok channel, we decided to present 7 newcomers who are also present on the short-form video platform.


1. Mary Lu, Germany


Photo credit: Mary Lu


At the age of 19 years, fashion and lifestyle influencer Mary managed to create a following of more than 2.4k on Instagram and even 13k on TikTok. Besides that, the Berlin city girl with a South Korean and Turkish background impresses with a huge engagement rate of around 21% on both platforms.


2. Carmie Sellitto, England


Photo credit: Carmie Sellitto


Carmie Sellitto is an English content creator living in Great Britain who has earned 214k followers on Instagram while maintaining an engagement rate of 15.8% with his posts dedicated to fashion. On TikTok, almost half a million people are following Carmie and interacting with his content, thus he has a high engagement rate of 8.5%.


3. Jakob Grün, Germany


Photo credit: Jakob Grün


Based in Berlin, Jakob Grün is a fashion content creator who impresses his 124k Instagram followers with mixed but stylish street style combinations on a daily basis. Since Jakob has a background in acting and a huge passion for music, his creativity is very helpful to fill his TikTok videos with joy and life – more than 400k followers think so too and pay it off with an engagement rate of 6.9%.


4. Holly Ramsay, England


Photo credit: Holly Ramsay


Holly Ramsay is an England based model and creator that has amassed a following of 244k followers on Instagram through her mix of professional model content, lifestyle, and fashion posts. Holly’s content inspires an active engagement with a rate of 7.1% on Instagram and even 27.4% on her TikTok – with a following of 37k.


5. Larisa Topalo, Switzerland


Photo credit: Larisa Topalo


32 years old, Zurich-based content creator Larisa Topalo appeals to her audience of 38k Instagram followers with travel and lifestyle posts. On her TikTok profile, where she gained more than 4k followers, Larisa presents even more hot spots in Switzerland and her followers thank her with an engagement rate of 6.7%.


6. Dimitri Koslowski, Germany


Photo credit: Dimitri Koslowski


Cologne-based Dimitri Koslowski has with 1.7m followers on Instagram and 649k on TikTok a massive following on both platforms and brings with his funny content a lot of joy in his follower’s lives. Next to this, it’s left to be mentioned that even on YouTube Dimitri appeals to almost 2m followers. But still, on TikTok he has the highest engagement rate with 14.4%.


7. Emmerly Tinglin, Canada


Photo credit: Emmerly Tinglin


Canadian influencer, dancer, and actress Emmerly Tinglin is a newcomer to the Collabary platform who has impressed us, on top of her 21.7k Instagram followers, with her fashion and beauty content. Emmerly’s posts have garnered a 13.7% engagement rate and she gained almost 1k followers within one week. Besides that, Emmerly shares a lot of dance moves on her TikTok and a 21.5% engagement rate shows that her 13.6k TikTok followers love what she’s doing.


What’s Next?

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