Newcomer Alert: 7 Creators Who Impressed Us In June – Pride Edition

Photo credit: Marvyn

The Collabary Newcomer Alert is a monthly series that aims to provide you with details about new talented content creators who have signed up to Collabary in the past month. We select 7 of these influencers based on multiple KPIs, like the number of followers or engagement rate, but also consider the quality of the content they post.

The newcomers have been highlighted not only to keep you up-to-date on who and what audiences are responding to but also to draw attention to and celebrate new talents on Collabary. As the influencer marketing industry develops at an ever-increasing rate, we are excited to share with you some of our talented creators.

As June is known as the Pride month, we would like to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community in this month’s Newcomer Alert and present 7 of the newcomers who are part of this amazing community and who joined the Collabary platform in June.

1. Marvyn Macnificant, Germany

Photo credit: Marvyn

At the age of 27, fashion and beauty influencer Marvyn managed to create a following of more than 600k on Instagram and even 1.1 million on YouTube. Most of the time, Marvyn excites these huge audiences with stunning make-up tutorials and fun content in-between which is reflected in an engagement rate of almost 12% on Instagram. The YouTube star lives in Berlin but spends a lot of time in Los Angeles.

2. Katy Bähm, Germany

Photo credit: Katy Bähm

As a drag queen, Katy Bähm took part in the TV show Queen of Drags and achieved a spot in the top 6. Her* fans loved her and she raised an audience of almost 100k followers on Instagram and 226k on TikTok. On both platforms, the Berlin queen of colorful styles and energetic dance moves has an engagement rate of around 7.5%.

*As a drag queen, she refers to herself as a female.

3. Lenny Izaguire, Switzerland

Photo credit: Lenny Izaguire

Swiss content creator and model Lenny Izaguire impresses over 90k Instagram followers with street style and numerous high-end outfit combinations on a daily basis with a 20% engagement rate. Since Lenny has a background in photography, his creativity is very helpful to fill his TikTok videos with high-quality content – his 90k followers think so too.

4. Kicki Yang Zhang, Germany

Photo credit: Kicki Yang Zhang for Calvin Klein’s Pride campaign

Berlin-based Kicki Yang Zhang has a following of 362k on Instagram and with an engagement rate of 5.5%, they seem to love the artsy and inspirational content. Kicki was part of our Pride campaign with Calvin Klein and has also been featured on Zalando’s Pride Hub “Let The Rainbow In”.

5. Ojay Morgan, Germany

Photo credit: Zebra Katz

Singer and content creator Ojay Morgan aka Zebra Katz recently published his debut album “LESS IS MOOR”. Additionally, he has accumulated a following of 27k followers on Instagram and his content inspires an active engagement with a rate of 4.7%. We’re very much looking forward to Ojay taking part in our Pride campaign with DIESEL.

6. Vanessa Borck & Kaharina Stabrey, Germany

Photo credit: coupleontourx

Vanessa and Ina aka coupleontourx are a real power couple! Together since 2018 and engaged for one month now – congratulations on that! Together they’ve accumulated630k followers on Instagram and more than 1.6 million on TikTok . Besides sharing their daily life and travel hot spots, Vanessa and Ina want to encourage young women to be themselves and to live the way they want to be.

7. Thorn Vineyard, The Netherlands

Photo credit: Thorn Vineyard

Content creator, drag king, performer, activist, and podcaster Thorn Vineyard is a newcomer to the Collabary platform who has impressed us on top of the 15k Instagram followers, with the diverse content on fashion, lifestyle, and art. Thorn’s posts have garnered a high engagement rate of 9.9%.

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