Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us In July 2020

Every month, we here are Collabary bring you a new crop of influencers who have joined our team over the past month, and have blown our socks off with their talent, know-how, and eye for culture. Here, we’ve chosen seven new faces based on a number of KPI criteria, and have presented them with bite-sized bios to give you some context on why we find them so special. 

The influencer market is forever rapidly changing, so feel free to use this post as a guiding light when choosing which talent to collaborate with. It will give you key insights into what audiences are currently responding to, but also a snapshot of what to expect from popular influencers in the near future. Without further ado:

Romee Strijd, The Netherlands

Photo courtesy of Romee Strijd

Romee hails from Amsterdam, and has amassed a whopping 6.6M followers on Instagram (with an additional 1M on both TikTok and YouTube) through her lifestyle and fashion content. Her light and bubbly demeanor nets her an engagement rate of 6.7%. Her posts show a mix of her professional modeling career and her home life—and with a baby on the way, her followers are sure to engage even more with her charming lifestyle posts.

Fanny Neguesha, Turkey

Photo courtesy of Fanny Neguesha 

Based in Istanbul, Fanny is a 30-year-old mother of one (the 2-year-old Isiah-King, who already has 25K followers himself!), who regales her 883K Instagram followers with gorgeous style and make-up content. Although from Turkey, Fanny boasts a very international follower base, with an astonishing 289K followers in Italy consuming her fashion content. 

Mike Vallas, Austria

Photo courtesy of Mike Vallas

Twenty-four-year-old Austrian musician Mike Vallas has serenaded his way to 228K Instagram followers—and with a very robust 7.2% engagement rate, his star is sure to continue rising. Based in Graz, Mike’s content focuses on music and art, and his evocative imagery is proving to be a hit with his fans. 

Jessica De Oliveira, Germany

Photo courtesy of Jessica De Oliveira

Hamburg’s Jessica De Oliveira posts a wide variety of content: from aspirational travel pics to fashion to sports. Her well-rounded outlook on influencing has garnered her 76K Instagram followers with a 1.6% engagement rate. Her athletic-meets-classic style has made her popular in Germany, but also territories like Brazil and the US.

Bao-Chii Nguyen, Germany

Photo courtesy of Bao-Chii Nguyen

Living in Hamburg and of Vietnamese descent, Bao-Chii Nguyen has made a huge splash on TikTok, with 892K followers and an amazing 8.1% engagement rate. While her mix of lifestyle, fashion and comedy content is doing gangbusters on that platform, she still holds her own on Instagram with 33K followers and 30.5% engagement (!). Definitely one to watch in the German market. 

Development of engagement rate on Instagram of Bao-Chii over the past 6 months.
Source: Collabary Discovery

Niklas and Swanni, Germany

Photo courtesy of Niklas and Swanni

Another TikTok success story with 122K followers and a 7.0% engagement rate, Niklas and Swanni’s joint content (also available on their Instagram: 2.3K followers with 26.7% engagement) is the epitome of #couplegoals. From matching outfits to trending challenges, their well-rounded lifestyle content is perfect for family-minded consumers.

Viivi and Venla, Finland

Photo courtesy of Viivi and Venla

Viivi and Venla are a pair of Finnish 16-year-old twins with a serious eye for fashion and 640K TikTok followers! Their fans see them as one of Scandinavia’s most stylish influencers on the video platform. Their content the ubiquitous TikTok dance trends to slo-mo fashion vids, but always upbeat and fun.

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