Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us in January 2021

Photo credit: annavonrueden

You know what time it is! Every month, we here at Collabary scour our platform for the most exciting up-and-coming influencers across Instagram and TikTok. All of these new faces have joined the Collabary platform in the last month. Our goal? To inspire your future influencer marketing campaigns with a fresh batch of potential collaborators. Here are some brief profiles so you know what you are getting into; and hopefully, you’ll find the perfect partner for your brand. 

1. Claire Rose, Netherlands

Photo credit: Claire Rose Cliteur

Claire Rose exhibits that ultra-chic Northern European style aesthetic that is all the rage these days: a lot of black, neutrals, earth tones, and minimal makeup. With 563K followers (83% female), she’s a perfect match for high-end style campaigns. Not only that, but her fans interact with her at a respectable 2% engagement rate.

2. Chiara Derbent, Germany

Photo credit: Chiara Derbent

20-year-old Chiara hails from Berlin, Germany, and her 246K followers tune in for her glossy beauty looks and fitness-forward fashion. Her robust 4.7% engagement rate, shows that her trendy style resonates with fans, and young ones at that (46% of her followers range from 18-24 years). Bonus: her account also heavily features her boyfriend Devin, so it’s not too late to get those last-minute Valentine’s Day campaign requests in!

3. Lisa Rey, Germany

Photo credit: Lisa Rey

Lisa is a mommy influencer who is totally dedicated to her adorable kids Niklas and Elijah. Her 232K followers engage with her content at an excellent 11.9% rate, so Lisa is absolutely perfect for family campaigns centered around beauty and fashion. An incredible 97% of Lisa’s followers are female, so you know thousands of moms will have access to your content if you partner with her.

4. Emma Keuven, Netherlands

Photo credit: Emma Keuven

At only 15 years, Dutch influencer Emma has racked up 230K followers on her Instagram and 607K on her TikTok, all from her hometown of Maastricht, Netherlands. Her TikTok is like the greatest hits of popular memes: lipsynchs, dances, make-up, fashion, it’s all there. With a 5.9% engagement rate on the platform, Emma is definitely one to watch for Dutch brands. 

5. Sandra Idel, Germany

Photo credit: Sandra Idel

Hailing from Berlin, Sandra is 21 years old and taking TikTok by storm! Posting under the name lusandraa, her 1.1M followers tune in for her mix of street fashion and Gen Z humor (with a 2.7% engagement rate, no less). It’s also interesting to note that Sandra’s content is all German-language, so she is definitely leading the charge for young and hip content for the DACH market on TikTok.

6. Asher Brunnings, Netherlands

Photo credit: Asher Brunnings

At 20 years, Asher has created a style that is all his own—a little bit of street, a little bit of high fashion, a little bit traditional. His Instagram (15.3K followers, 14.4% engagement rate) serves as a sort of daily fashion journal of his best looks. 69% of Asher’s followers are male, and they come from diverse countries as his home country of the Netherlands, the US, the UK, and France, so he would work really well with a global men’s fashion campaign. 

7. Anna Von Rüden, Germany

Photo credit: Anna VonRueden

German model Anna is 69 and her Instagram account is absolutely incredible—her fashion and style are impeccable and she can do anything from runway to editorial. She has 9.2K followers (3.1% engagement rate) and while the age profiles of her followers are equal across the board, she has the most in the 24-35 range, showing her popularity with Millennials. 

What’s Next?

There you go! Those are our best picks for popular influencers for February. But it doesn’t stop there: if you need any more info whatsoever, feel free to send us an email at