Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers That Caught Our Eye for February 2021

Photo credit: Ben Herbez

Can you believe that spring is almost here? We don’t know about you, but after this long winter, we’re feeling super inspired. And what better way to get some new ideas brewing than with our Newcomer Alert, the monthly series where we spotlight seven influencers that have caught our eye recently. If your brand is looking for influencer marketing collaborators, this is where you should start. Without further ado!

1. Cassandre Thomas, France

Photo credit: Cassandre Thomas

Hailing from Paris, France, Cassandre (Cass to her friends and followers) is the kind of girl everyone wants to be BFFs with—she’s cool, sporty (check out her motorbike posts), and has the kind of style that oozes confidence. With 362K followers and a respectable 7.7% engagement rate, her profile is super popular with her fans. On top of that 83% of her followers are male, so she could be perfect for a sports-related campaign.

2. Laura Wontorra, Germany

Photo credit: Laura Wontorra

Laura Wontorra is big in Germany—she’s a TV sports host with an Instagram following of 307K, 69% of which reside in her homeland. When she’s not reporting on big games or livening up a talk show panel, she’s posting about fashion, fitness, and travel. With a 3.4% engagement rate, it seems like people aren’t just tuning in to Laura on their TV screens, but all over social media as well. 

3. Jeroen von Holland, Netherlands

Photo credit: Jeroen von Holland

Jeroen has the GenZ social media thing down. His TikTok has 81K followers, where he posts about fashion, memes, and his daily life—but his Instagram is where it’s really popping, at 183K followers with a whopping 15% engagement rate. At only 21, his social media presence is only going to continue to grow, and with 60% of his followers in the 18-24 age range, his fanbase will surely grow with him.

4. Annika Gerhard, Germany

Photo credit: Annika Gerhard 

Annika is killing it on Instagram (142K followers at a 15% engagement rate) but it’s really on her YouTube channel where she shines. Over the last few years, her Annikazion channel has garnered 409K subscribers with her pop culture dissection videos, discussing everything from music to reality TV. Watch her hilarious Love Island recap videos for an idea of what she’s up to!

5. Ben Herbez, France

Photo credit: Ben Herbez

Ben is only 19, but he already has a very definite fashion identity that he shows off front and center on his Instagram profile. His style is casual but refined, perfect for higher-end fashion campaigns that cater to his 110K followers. However, much like Annika, his YouTube channel is totally taking off: he posts the kind of content that GenZ loves, like daily vlogs and storytimes, which has gotten him 217K subscribers so far. 

6. Neele Kulisch, Germany

Photo credit: Neele Kulisch

Neele’s Instagram profile is a classic mix of style, travel, cute-themed photoshoots, and couple content (many of her posts feature her boyfriend Jorell). She has 34K followers, but her engagement rate is insane (32.5%!) so she is definitely an option worth exploring. Over on her TikTok, she’s doing even better: 112K fans follow her content at a 24% engagement rate. 

7. Lania Barzanji, Germany

Photo credit: Lania Barzanji

25 years-old Lania’s style is more polished put-together than a lot of GenZ-ers her age. Her interests run the gamut: fashion, of course, but also interior design and veganism. Her soft and simple Instagram aesthetic (30K followers at 3.3% engagement) would be perfect for a serious fashion campaign.

What’s Next?

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