Newcomer Alert: 7 Female Creators Who Impressed Us In February

Photo credit: Safaa Alban Lloyd


The Collabary Newcomer Alert is a monthly series that aims to provide you with details about new talented content creators that have signed up to Collabary in the past month. We select 7 of these influencers based on several KPIs, like the number of followers or engagement rate, but also consider the quality of their content posted.

This topic has been highlighted not only to keep you up-to-date on who and what audiences are responding to but also to draw attention to and celebrate new talents. The influencer marketing industry is developing at an ever-increasing rate, we are excited to share with you the newest members to this inspiring community of creators.

Last time, we did a male-only version – to keep it equal, we decided to go for a female version this month. Enjoy reading and let the excitement get real!


1. Safaa Alban Lloyd, Great Britain 


Photo credit: Safaa Alban Lloyd

Safaa Alban Lloyd is a 26 years-old Moroccan woman, living in London and besides her huge following of 83k, she impresses with an engagement rate of 13%. Safaa is not only posting a lot of fashion pictures but especially showing off her street style content in Great Britain’s capital. 


2. Sanna Jörnvik, Sweden


Photo credit: Sanna Jörnvik

Sanna Jörnvik is a Göteborg-based content creator who grew her following by 10k in the last 3 months. She has garnered herself, 75k followers on Instagram and 25k on YouTube, while maintaining an engagement rate of 9.5%. The majority of her most liked posts are the ones picturing herself with her boyfriend Carl Déman who has a massive following of more than half a million people.


3. Victoria Vincent, France


Photo credit: Victoria Vincent

25 years-old Parisienne Victoria Vincent is a real sneakerhead – almost every third picture on her Instagram is sneaker related. Based in Paris, Victoria is a model and content creator who has garnered an engagement rate of 10.5% from her content. She currently has 24k followers which seems to continuously keep growing.


4. Josi Wismar, Germany


Photo credit: Josi Wismar

Josi Wismar, student and content creator from Mainz, Germany, has amassed a following of 10k followers on Instagram through her artsy and close-to-life content. Besides that, Josi’s content inspires active engagement with a rate of 11.2%, which means that more than one-tenth of her followers like each of her pictures uploaded on Instagram.


5. Charlotte Hassler, Austria


Photo credit: Charlotte Hassler

At 20 years, Charlotte Hassler appeals to her audience of 4k Instagram followers with mainly fashion related posts. Charlotte manages an amazing engagement rate of almost 12%. While her background has made her more popular in Germany which is proven by 52% of Charlotte’s followers living in Germany, her appeal is so broad that even 14% of them are from the United States. 


6. Elizaveta Vasileva, Germany


Photo credit: Elizaveta Vasileva

With 3.9k followers on Instagram, Elizaveta Vasileva is a Russian 21 years-old influencer living in Cologne, Germany. Her posts have not just managed to generate an engagement rate of 9.9%, while her audience appeal interestingly has a fairly even 51/49 split between female and male followers. She excites her followership with mainly street style outfit posts. 


7. Sabrien Mari, Germany


Photo credit: Sabrien Mari

German influencer Sabrien Mari is a newcomer to the Collabary platform who has impressed us, on top of her 2.3k followers, with her fashion and lifestyle-related content. Sabrien’s posts have garnered an incredibly high engagement rate of 20.2%. She almost doubled her following within one month and that’s only one of the reasons why we look forward to seeing what Sabrien will do in the near future. 


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