Newcomer Alert: 7 Influencers Who Impressed Us In August 2020

Photo credit: Diana Kaloev

Summer may be over, but the season of the influencer never ends! Every month, Collabary showcase a new group of influencers who have recently joined our team, and who we think belongs at the top of your lists when it comes to collaborations and campaigns.

They’ve impressed us with the way they seamlessly take fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food, and a myriad of other subjects, and create engaging and compelling content for a wide range of territories and age groups. Read on to meet our new faves!

1. Diana Bill, Germany

Photo credit: Diana Bill

Moving on to the German market, Diana Bill is holding it down in Berlin with a very impressive 1.2M followers on TikTok with a fantastic 10% engagement rate. Like many young people in the German capital, Diana is big on casual and streetwear, and with a few pops of glamour thrown in for good measure. On her Instagram, she’s gained 358K followers and a 26.5% engagement rate—and with 81% of her followers coming from Germany, she would be a must-have for any German-centric campaign. 

2. Elisabeth Jia, Germany

Photo credit: Elisabeth Jia

Elisabeth is another strong TikTok presence, with 350K followers tuning into her sleek fashion posts. Her posts ooze cool and confident, and her signature style of minimal streetwear comes through effortlessly. With a 5% engagement rate across Germany, the United States, and Australia (among other territories), Elisabeth is no doubt on her way to becoming a big fashion player on TikTok.

3. Ilona Alonge, France

Photo credit: Ilona Alonge

At 17 years old, Ilona has taken both Instagram and TikTok by storm with a follower count of both 885K and 2.2m respectively through her fun and colorful takes on fashion and travel. With an incredible engagement rate of 16% on Instagram (and an also quite high 6.4% on TikTok), she’s able to give her followers a sneak peek into what it’s really like to be a young Zillennial in her hometown of Lille, France.

4. Dianna Kaloev, Germany

Photo credit: Diana Kaloev

Bringing her 153K Instagram followers top-notch content ranging from beauty to fashion to vegan food, Diana shows the refined and super stylish side of her native Cologne. Her followers consistently ask her where she cops her many outfits, showing that her super solid 15% engagement rate is working flawlessly. With an audience spread mostly across Germany, Austria, and Spain, Diana embodies that simple-yet-stunning Euro style that’s so popular among women 18-24 (46% of her viewership).

5. Marylou Jung, France

Photo credit: Marylou Jung

Another fashionable French teen, Marylou brings a fresh perspective to both casual and chic style. TikTok is her platform of choice, boasting 2 million followers on the social media app (but still reeling in a more-than-respectable 711K on Instagram), and her content ranges from everything from dance memes to posts showing off her cute and flirty wardrobe. With an engagement rate of 8.8% on TikTok (14.6% on Instagram), Marylou is sure to catch her followers’ attention. 

6. Jacob Grey, Germany 

Photo credit: Jacob Grey

Jacob Grey is really shining on TikTok, where his 228K followers tune in for his eclectic videos on such varied topics and food, travel, comedy, and even homemade slime tutorials! He’s the perfect balance of off-the-wall viral content and personable charm. 61% of his audience is in the 18-24 age range, so perfect for more Gen Z-related campaigns. 

7. Alexandre Ossey, France

Photo credit: Alexandre Ossey

Under the @cequenoussommes Instagram account (178K followers, 13.2% engagement) and TikTok (409K, 11.9% engagement), Alexandre Ossey and Olivia Kugel chronicle the life of their budding family, posting the absolute cutest pics with their son Cameron. You have truly never seen a more stylish threesome! With high end looks to spare, they represent a new generation of family-minded influencers, perfect for both adult and kid campaigns. 

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