Newcomer Alert: 7 Mommy Creators Who Impressed Us In April

Photo credit: Bruna Rodrigues


The Collabary Newcomer Alert is a monthly series that aims to provide you with details about new talented content creators that have signed up to Collabary in the past month. We select 7 of these influencers based on several KPIs, like the number of followers or engagement rate, but also consider the quality of their content posted.

This topic has been highlighted not only to keep you up-to-date on who and what audiences are responding to but also to draw attention to and celebrate new talents. The influencer marketing industry is developing at an ever-increasing rate, we are excited to share with you the newest members to this inspiring community of creators.

Since this Sunday is Mother’s Day, we decided to go for a special mommy version for April. So this blog post is dedicated to all women out there taking care of their children and making everything possible for the little ones – Thank you for always being there!


1. Elena Miras, Germany


Photo credit: Elena Miras

At the age of 28 years, fashion and lifestyle influencer Elena Miras managed to create a following of more than 580k on Instagram. Besides that, she impresses with a huge engagement rate of 8%. The content Elena is sharing in her feed ranges from fashion pictures to shots showing her beautiful family – with each post she offers her followers an insight into her daily mom life and impresses a lot of people by doing so.


2. Bruna Rodrigues, Germany


Photo credit: Bruna Rodrigues

Bruna Rodrigues is a Brazilian model and content creator living in Germany who has earned 102k followers on Instagram while maintaining an engagement rate of 5.7% with her posts dedicated to fashion, beauty, and of course her one-year-old daughter. Even though the majority of her followers live in Germany, Bruna has around 50k followers from all over the world which makes clear that she has global appeal.


3. Giasmina De Mattia, Germany


Photo credit: Giasmina De Mattia

Based in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, Giasmina De Mattia is a content creator and mom of two who has been attracting attention with her daily fashion, lifestyle, and family posts. Giasmina has garnered a very high engagement rate of 16.5% from her content. She recently had her baby girl Giulia – Congratulations on that! – and currently has 77.5k followers on Instagram.


4. Candy-Rae Blind Fleur, The Netherlands


Photo credit: Candy-Rae Blind Fleur

Candy-Rae – dancer, model, and creator – is an Amsterdam based mother of a little boy that has amassed a following of 34.2k followers on Instagram through her mix of professional model content and family posts. Cady’s content inspires an active engagement with a rate of 9.1%. Besides that, she’s the player’s wife of Daley Blind who’s part of the Dutch national football team.


5. Iris Zeilstra, The Netherlands


Photo credit: Iris Zeilstra

31 years old, Amsterdam-based mother and business owner Iris Zeilstra appeals to her audience of 26k Instagram followers with family and fashion posts. Besides having 3 children, Iris founded her own café and lifestyle shop Pluk Amsterdam – truly a superwoman.  She manages an amazing engagement rate of 5.2%.


6. Marleen van der Heijden, The Netherlands


Photo credit: Marleen van der Heijden

Marleen’s daughter Juul turned one year recently and together they gained a followership of 4k. With 3.3k followers coming from The Netherlands, you can tell that Marleen is well known in her country of origin. She’s very consistent when it comes to her rosé colored content with which she garnered an engagement rate of more than 10%. 


7. Eléna Sia, France


Photo credit: Eléna Sia

French influencer Eléna Sia is a newcomer to the Collabary platform who has impressed us, on top of her 4k followers, not only with her warm-colored but heartwarming family content. Eléna’s posts have garnered a 7.7% engagement rate, and with her gaining 100 followers within one week, we look forward to seeing what she will do in the near future. 


What’s Next?

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