Tips and Tricks to Make Your New Year’s Campaign a Roaring Success

Photo credit: Jamie Coupaud

As the old song goes: what are you doing New Year’s Eve? If you’re anything like us, you’ll be checking in on your influencer collaborations and seeing how successful your holiday campaigns have been! Recently, we’ve talked you through how to mount inspiring and engaging campaigns for Singles Day, Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Christmas, but there’s still one shopping holiday missing on our list: New Year’s. For obvious reasons, the holiday season is the most crucial time for brands and retailers, so it’s key to make sure you’re prepared for the onslaught of shoppers. 

To help with some inspiration, feel free to check out the debrief from our recent webinar on influencer marketing during the holiday season and watch the recording; you’ll find all sorts of tips and tricks to make sure you stay ahead of the curve in terms of ideas, do’s and don’ts, and general things to look out for. From choosing the right influencer to collaborate with, to mastering tracking and reporting your campaigns, you’re sure to glean some essential knowledge.

In that spirit, here are some quick ideas to make your New Year’s campaigns a roaring success. 

New Year’s Eve Countdown

Everybody loves a countdown! And what better time to implement one than New Year’s Eve? A flash sale is a very time-limited online sale, where prices are drastically reduced for only a few hours. Setting one up as a countdown the days before NYE working towards it and heavily promoting it through your social channels could be a great way to get shoppers even more excited for the holiday.

You could even incorporate a countdown on your landing page, or collaborate with influencers and give out discount codes. Remember, this is the last major holiday of the year, so it’s time to get creative!

New Year’s Eve Fashion Hauls

Other than copious amounts of champagne and trying to find the right person to kiss at midnight, one of the most important aspects of New Year’s Eve is figuring out what to wear. Glitter, glamour, fringe,  lamé—the options are endless, and who better than a fashion influencer to help you decide? 

Photo credit: Dalia

Online hauls have been all the rage in 2020, where an influencer orders a bunch of clothes from a brand and tries them on for their followers to see the latest fashions. These have been particularly popular on TikTok, where the platform’s rapid editing style matches perfectly with the concept. You can even put the products on sale to entice followers to buy!

New Year’s Resolutions

We’re no stranger to the New Year’s resolution—whether it be around money, our jobs, food, or anything else, everyone is looking to better themselves with the start of the new year. Partner with influencers who have big plans for 2021, and see how they match up to yours is a perfect way to get the ball rolling and renew excitement in your followers.

Don’t forget to make it fun! Resolve to wear more colors, or try a new fashion trend for every month of 2021. Find an influencer with a zany sense of humor and run with it. 

Show How You’ve Changed and Where You’re Going

Not to be a little cheesy, but the new year is also a great time to take stock of the year we’ve left behind, and show your followers where you plan to take your brand in the future. More and more, consumers want to shop from companies that align with their personal values, and showing your evolution is a way to demonstrate that you’re thinking about those issues. 

This could be a good time to partner with body-positive influencers, or pledge to be more sustainable in 2021. Some shoppers might experience holiday fatigue, especially in a year that has been challenging for all of us. Taking a breath and reminding them about the important things in life might be exactly the thing they need!

Photo credit: Mitchell Luo

What’s Next?

Do you have any questions about influencer marketing during the holiday season or need more support? No worries, we’re here to help! Send us an email via and we’ll do our best to help you out.