Think smaller – why less really is more in the world of micro influencer marketing

Do large follower numbers equal high engagement?

As tempting as it may be to choose a social media influencer with an enormous following, those impressive numbers might not be telling the whole story.

A survey by Markelyrevealed that Instagram influencers with less than 1,000 followers had twice the like-rate of influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers.

And now, more and more brands are opting for a pool of so-called micro influencers rather than one ‘big ticket’ partner.

Small following but big reach

The argument for working with micro influencers is almost ridiculously simple. While a popular content creator may have a huge following, it’s hard to know what proportion of that audience actually cares about the things you’d want to talk about.

With micro influencers who often adopt a much more specialist and focussed approach to their content, you may be reaching a smaller audience, but you’re much more likely to see higher engagement.

In fact, these micro content creators are not only passionate about the same things as your brand, they’re often also your customers already!

Influencer marketing, for anyone who’s doing it right, is all about authenticity. And what could be more authentic than collaborating with someone who was using, loving and talking about your products long before you ever got in touch.

It surely can’t be quite as perfect as it seems. Can it?

The challenge of influencer marketing is that working with 30 to 40 perfectly suited micro content creators means that some unlucky person in your business is going to have to track down – and build relationships with – 30 to 40 perfectly suited micro content creators. (You can sort of see why brands would sooner hand over all of their budget to one macro content creator.)

Except, we know that working with micro content creators is worth the effort. Running campaigns alongside people with a small but totally engaged following brings you closer to the holy grail of customer acquisition – word of mouth.

And the more you see how micro content creators are capable of championing your products to people who are more likely to become loyal customers too, the more you realise that reach is not the only thing you should be worried about.

Besides, with Collabary, discovering the micro content creators who are ideal advocates for your brand isn’t even difficult. The platform is designed specifically to make searching for someone who ticks all your boxes as easy as possible.

It’s quite a fundamental change in the way brands think about their marketing, focussing more on people than the product itself. But, when a micro content creator is not only a ready-made expert in your specialism but also a ready-made champion of your brand, you can certainly understand why so many big brands are starting to think small.


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