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#inthistogether – Influencer Marketing & Crisis Communication: Guidance for Brands and Influencers

In light of the current situation across Europe, it seems like a good idea to take a moment to refocus our energies on the things that are truly important. Above all else, this past week has been a reminder of the importance of taking care of one another and doing what we can to stay healthy and foster an environment of support and positivity.

With increasing impacts on our private and professional life such as working from home – the Collabary team included, we understand that these times are worrying for a variety of reasons. Since we are all in this together, we would like to offer some advice to brands and influencers on how we can best manage these difficult times because, in the end, we will need to rely on solidarity, patience, and sensitivity to get through them.

Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing in Times of Crisis

Below, we have provided some points for brands and influencers to consider when doing influencer marketing campaigns in the coming months. This is a time where people can inspire solidarity over fear, especially with communication within social media.


Inspire positivity

Going forward, we all need to consider that everyone’s lives have been or will be affected by the situation. The encouraged (or even enforced) self-isolation measures may be beneficial to our health, but we must consider the impact on the mental health of people this may incur. This is why brands and influencers alike should do their best to remain honest, sensitive and foster an environment of togetherness.

Best practise: One brand that has already done this is Mango, who recently shared a post with the tag #MangoTogether to emphasize the importance of solidarity and a clever prompt to “get closer, whatever the distance.” In aligning your brand with positive messages like this, you are providing your community with space to uplift and encourage one another.


Photo credit: Mango

Spread useful information

Already, we have seen hashtags like #stayhome spread across social media. Giving useful information for people’s life and delighting your followers with small gestures and more positive perspectives on life is something you should include in your communication. Providing advice on how to be socially responsible and caring to oneself and others could also be an option for your messaging on social media.    

Best practise: This was recently done by Zalando, who highlighted the ways in which individuals, employees, and companies can help the global effort. Brands and influencers can and should do their bit for spreading the message of togetherness and care.

zalando IG post Corona

Photo credit: Zalando 


Encourage helpful activism

This can be a great opportunity to support those who may be struggling more than you are. Whether it’s by donations, sharing good advice, or message of support, influencers can use their platform to make a positive impact on their community and the world.

Best practise: One influencer that has used her reach for a good cause is Chiara Ferragni who has raised money for a new intensive care unit in Italy. 


Photo credit: Chiara Ferragni


Take images in neutral environments content

When sharing photos, make sure that you are not unknowingly encouraging harmful behavior. Keep your environments in homes and apartments or studios. It may be better to lean toward more product-focused images to ensure this is done for the time being.

Best Practice: As displayed by Jessie Weiß in a recent Story, Jessie used her platform to share an unsponsored post highlighting small local businesses alongside the tags #stayhomestaysocial and #stayhomestaychic. This is not only a great way to offer styling tips but also to share kindness and support to your community.


Photo credit: Journelles Instagram Stories 

Be mindful of your tone of voice

You never know what your followers may be going through. Now is the perfect time to be as open and humane as possible. Use the opportunity given to us to stay still and start an open conversation. Use emojis that are neutral and comforting as opposed to unwelcome reminders, panic alarms or illness.

Best practise: One such example comes from Lisa from Blogger Bazaar, who recently featured an image with a line in the caption saying, “just in time to stay home and get cozy”. While this references the current events, it combines the product and a message without focusing too much attention on the negative.


Photo Credit: blogger-bazaar



Don’t be sarcastic or downplay the situation with jokes.

As mentioned above, you never know who may have been or will be affected by the unfolding of these events, so it’s not worth being on the wrong side of history by opening yourself up to potential criticism. Remember that this has already caused immeasurable heartbreak and many do not see anything to laugh about.

Don’t enflame the situation.

Avoid words like virus, panic, stress, pandemic, and isolation if unnecessary. Don’t give the impression of screaming or shouting, and avoid the overuse of exclamation marks. Avoid references to going outdoors, better times in the sun, and the promise of Spring. These only fuel discomfort and emphasize the unhelpful notion that life could be better.

Don’t exploit the negativity of the situation.

Try not to capitalize on the discomfort that people are experiencing, i.e. “are you bored at home?” or “don’t know what to do?” It’s better to instead highlight the benefits of a product as opposed to connecting it to a salve for boredom or anguish. Also, avoid urgency wording like “last chance”, “hurry”, “this is what you need” or “buy before it’s too late”.

 Don’t share images of affected hotspots.

If you have images taken in Italy or China, now might not be the time to share them. Audiences are likely associating these places with the outbreak, and showing a product in those areas is unlikely to inspire sales but in fact, do the opposite.

Don’t share photos taken in populated public spaces.

Avoid sharing images showing large groups of people. Don’t post photos that refer to holidays or travels, like people in swimwear at the beach or at airports. Avoid images that refer to outside closed locations like bars, restaurants, and festivals. 

Final Thoughts

Browsing through social media these days, reminds us every day that there is nothing more powerful than hope and community. Now is the time for us all to spread the right message, be there for each other and stay positive. This is a situation that calls for honesty and transparency, and we all need to do our best to communicate this to each other effectively. We are going to get through this, and we are going to get through it together.

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