Interview: Why You Need a One-Stop-Shop Solution in Influencer Marketing

Last week, our very own Anna Meyfarth was interviewed by Alina Ludwig, host of German Podcast “Influence – the Podcast”. Topics ranged from influencer discovery to setting smart objectives to storytelling with influencers. In the podcast, our Chief Brand and Marketing Communications Manager Anna explains why you need a one-stop-shop solution for your influencer marketing activities and how the future of influencer marketing looks like in her opinion. 

The One-Stop-Shop Solution

“I always like to say we are actually a one-stop shop solution. So you can approach us with almost any request when it comes to influencer marketing”, she said in the podcast. By offering three main product features, Influencer Discovery, Campaign Management and, Insights, we implement all the necessary work stages to set up, monitor, and report an influencer marketing campaign in one tool. No need for hundreds of excel tables, emails or endless WhatsApp conversations with influencers. 

“In the past, you would have needed a lot of tools to deal with influencers. Now, Collabary has combined all necessary steps, to make it really as easy as possible for the user to manage and understand a campaign. You choose influencers, you write them, you negotiate the pricing but you also manage the content on Collabary: It’s uploaded on platform, it is archived there and you no longer have to switch tools. Understanding the performance of influencers involved in your campaign, including looking at historical data, helps to make decisions about future campaigns,” said Anna. 

Platform Trends: Instagram is the go-to place right now, but for how long?

According to Instagram, 68% of people say that they come to Instagram to interact with content creators. It’s one of the main reasons people have an Instagram account: they are looking for inspiration and follow inspiring people. With Instagram launching new features on an almost weekly basis making the platform even more attractive for paid partnerships with creators (eg. direct checkout options on creators’ profiles), Instagram is for sure the go-to destination when it comes to influencer marketing. 

Nevertheless, both industry experts and influencers are wondering how long Instagram is going to be this one go-to place with new platforms and formats arising. At the same time, content creators are already starting to build a second foothold, eg. launching new formats such as podcasts, building their own brands or creating their own consulting business.

What’s next: Three Influencer Marketing Predictions 

Towards the end of the podcast, Anna states her personal three hypotheses about the future of influencer marketing: 

(1) The liberation of platform dependencies: With the increase of the dependence on big platforms such as Instagram, creators will move more towards owning their channels (eg. building own content formats as well as products such as their own fashion collections)

(2) Artificial Intelligence (AI) in influencer marketing: AI is finding its way into Influencer marketing in various parts. Starting with basic image recognition and machine learning and taking the next level with virtual influencers. With the production of virtual influencers becoming more easy, chances are high that programming a brands’ army of virtual influencers might be more efficient than working with real life influencers at some point. 

(3) The rise of corporate influencers: In times when companies are fighting for the best candidates in the so-called war for talents, corporate influencers will gain in relevance even more. What’s normal in the US with personified corporate influencers like John Legere (Magenta-wearing, customer-loving T-Mobile USA CEO), will become more natural in Europe as well. Employers would be well advised to investigate this topic rather sooner than later. 

Listen to the full podcast here: 

Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

All topics of the podcast at a glance: 

– Collabary in a nutshell (from 11:20)

– How can you use Collabary: Anna explains two ways of how brands and agencies can leverage Collabary. (from 14:15)

– Targeting in Influencer Marketing: What you should like after when researching influencers for a campaign and the influencer quality check works at Collabary. (from 20:00)

– Influencer audience overlap: what you need to consider when deciding which and how many influencers to book for your campaign. (from 25:20)

– Pricing in influencer marketing: Rethinking influencer payment on brand and influencer side. (from 26:40)

– How long will Instagram be the go-to platform for influencer marketing and which other formats like audio, influencers are looking into. (from 31:30)

– All for the perfect gram – the Instagram tourism phenomenon. (from 37:00)

– KPI & Measurement you should consider for your next influencer marketing campaign. (from 43:04)

– Collabarys’ Share of Voice: How our own social listening tool helps you to understand your brands’ share of voice on Instagram.(from 46:34)

– What’s so special about the fashion industry in influencer marketing? (from 49:30)

– How to use influencer generated content on brand owned channels (eg. OOH). (from 54:10)

– The rise of virtual influencers in the fashion industry: Can virtual influencers be the same emotional storytellers like real life influencers. (from 55:30)

– Three hypotheses about the future of influencer marketing: (1) Platform dependencies, (2) artificial intelligence in influencer marketing and (3) corporate influencers. (from 62:20)