International Influence – How Travelling Influencers Can Take Their Stories On Holiday

Influencers abroad

That powerful sense of envy most people feel towards a social media influencer, is how many social media influencers feel towards a travel influencer!

Even in the world of free designer clothes and VIP invites, nothing quite tops travelling to exotic locations to sample a brand’s hotel or first class flight.

But travel social media influencing comes in many more forms than just reviewers of the 5-star, jet-set life. From city break specialists, to fearless explorers, to travel tipsters like the amazing Triphackr, there is enough space in the world of travel influencing for lots of different voices.

In fact, the travel and tourism industry was estimated to be worth around $2.4 trillion in 2014 – which is why brands of all shapes and sizes are looking for the perfect influencer to help them make a splash in such a lucrative market.

Which means even if you’re not a specialist travel influencer, there are still plenty of opportunities to transfer your storytelling to another part of the world.

The postcard problem

Now, if you’ve ever tried to send a holiday postcard to your gran you’ll know how easy it is to make even the most interesting holidays seem horribly boring. Even if you’ve spent the week trekking through rainforests or washing elephants, your postcard is probably filled with words like ‘nice’, ‘hot’ and ‘blah’.

But, if you’re a super-creative social media influencer, an adventure abroad is the perfect platform to bring your incredible holiday stories to life.

Rather than a self-indulgent shot of you on the beach, think about how your influencer personality would best make use of this opportunity.

If you’re a fashion influencer you now have the perfect tropical backdrop for showing off your summer style inventions. If you’re a beauty blogger, exploring the local looks turns you into an on-the-ground expert in a fascinating new culture. And if you’re a foodie influencer… well, you know what to do.

The trick is to make sure the images you share – and the story you tell alongside them – still meet the high standards of creativity and relevance that you’d always demand from yourself at home. In other words, forget the clichéd holiday snaps and get your imagination back to work.

Exchange rate

Of course, the best possible motivation for packing your influencer A-game is if a brand is paying you to do so.

That’s why, as well as remembering to buy a new swimsuit and fetch your flip flops down from the loft, a big part of your holiday preparation is to persuade brands that your trip could mean exciting content for their campaigns.

Of course, if you’re a fitness blogger you’ll find it hard to persuade anyone that you’re suddenly a leading voice in the fluffiness of hotel pillows (just take a look at our blog on the importance of staying true to your social media niche).

But, if you have an amazing idea that brings together a topic your audience is interested in and a location that gives the story an exciting new dimension, then you’ve got a compelling case to make to a brand.

And, best of all, you’ll have something a bit more exciting to tell your gran.