Instagram Updates Round-Up: More Changes We’re Getting Excited For

Just when we thought Instagram had already dropped all of its surprises for the Summer season, more news has just come in, that IG is planning to add more exciting features to Stories and the Feed. While we’re still waiting to see users make the most of the updated IGTV platform, we’ve already noticed some of the new Instagram updates being used to great effect by influencers and brands.

To make it easier for you to make the most of these new updates, we’ve compiled a list of IG’s latest changes and explored what these might mean to your influencer marketing strategy.


Here Now – Song Lyrics In Instagram Stories

Expanding on their Music feature that gives users the ability to add a song to their Stories, Instagram has recently added the option to include song lyrics to Stories that automatically scroll through as the selected track is played.

Seen by many as a response to TikTok’s growing popularity amongst teen users, the feature comes in the form of a Lyrics sticker that can easily be added alongside their favorite music tracks. Pop superstar Billie Eilish has backed the rollout by starring in the official demo video alongside her track “Strange Addiction” with the Lyrics sticker used to full effect.

                                   Photo credit: Billie Eilish

Like Instagram, IG-focused influencers can take a page out of TikTok creators’ book and use the music-centered features to create a relatable, entertaining or humorous experience for their fans. Music is a harmonizing force and can be used to further show your followers your taste and personality, which could be why TikTok has been embraced so quickly.

There are a number of different animation styles to choose from, like in the word-highlighting karaoke-style or a typewritten version that reveals lyrics as they’re sung. As fans of IG and its ever-evolving offerings, we hope that it will be enough to curb any mass exodus of users leaving the platform for TikTok’s playful micro-music video features.


Coming Soon – Influencer’s Branded Content Coming to Feed Ads

Perhaps one of the most exciting announced Instagram updates is the plan to allow brands influencer-created content to be included on users feeds as advertisements, even if the targeted users don’t follow the influencers.

This may be one of the most important advances in the influencer marketing industry so far this year, as both the exposure of influencers and brands to new fans could spell an unprecedented boom in attention for creators at both the micro- and macro-scales.

Photo credit: Zoe Pastelle

According to Instagram, 68% of users come to the platform to interact with influencers and their content. Although that constitutes a large portion of users, it still leaves almost a third of users who are yet to embrace the benefits of exposure to more organic, authentic advertisement experiences.

This seems like an all-around victory for brands, influencers, and Instagram users bored with traditional marketing models. While we’re still yet to see whether the projected growth of the IM industry in 2019 is realized, this update is sure to guarantee that content creators and brands can look forward to an even more beneficial relationship in the years to come.


Rumored – Following Tagged Users, Activity Log and Disappearing Likes

The internet is always abuzz with fresh rumors about the direction Instagram is moving in. Most of the time they tend to be based on unfounded speculations, but thanks to some clever, observational users with a keen talent to reverse-engineer code, some of these predictions can be spotted months out.

One of the most prolific tipsters is Jane Machun Wong, who is so good at her hobby for uncovering features that she predicted the previously mentioned Lyrics reveal back in April! In one day alone she can share a stream of revelations, and some of them could spell welcome news for influencers, brands, and users alike.

Below, we’ll post a few of her newest finds and what they could mean.

Although two different features, they both point to Instagram’s willingness to not only redirect traffic from other sites and apps to Stories but to share creators’ content elsewhere on the web. This highlights IG’s confidence in the potential for Stories as marketable, shareable content outside of the IG hemisphere, and could allow for more interconnection between influencer’s social media platforms to build a larger commercial narrative.

There’s no arguing with the benefits here. By offering a more streamlined navigation method to create interesting content, IG will allow not just influencers and regular users a more palatable experience but effects and sticker creators greater exposure to a wider audience.

These updates both will work wonderfully hand in hand. Not only will content creators be able to invite their users into a chat – a feature that would be helpful for Q&A’s, live tutorials, and giveaways – but content creators will be able to filter their chats and messages in to different directories. Many business account users will know that the lack of filtration in IG’s DM inbox can be confusing, so this feature will be a welcome addition to many.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of Instagram’s existing, incoming and predicted updates and that you are as excited as we are about the evolution of Instagram. Be sure to keep following our blog for more coverage on these changes – we hope to bring you more news soon!