Instagram Updates Round-Up:  More Changes to Look Out for in the New Year

Photo credit: Raphael Silva, Pixabay


The New Year is set to bring with it a whole range of changes to the influencer marketing industry, and as we covered in our recent trend predictions for 2020, Instagram is bound to be a powerful player in determining these changes. If 2019 was anything to go by, Instagram will continue to adapt to and create the trends of the booming industry, whether it’s by changing fundamental elements like hiding likes or integrating more features that will aid its creators to produce more polished, engaging content.

In this Instagram Updates Round-Up, we’ve covered a few changes that have rolled out in the last month that will help creators and brands in particular to improve their influencer marketing strategies. With these new tools, both parties will now be armed with a wealth of new information that can better guide them towards improved engagement, exposure, and sales.


Brand Insights

On December 20, Instagram announced that it would be unrolling a whole new set of features that will allow businesses, both small and large, to better understand their communities as well as their online presence. Firstly, growth insights will give businesses the chance to see which of their posts and stories are generating the most followers. It will also display a visualization of changes in follower counts in daily or weekly time periods. These insights will be available by clicking the Settings tab, then selecting, Insights. 


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Business profiles will also be able to view an aggregated story collection of all of the stories that they were mentioned in over the last 24-hours. This tailored story is accessible at the top of the Activity tab.

Another feature will give brands better control over how their business information is viewable to customers. For brands to do this, they need to select Edit Profile, then change the details under Public Business Information. In this section, brands can then link what website the account is connected to, list the business category, and business contact info. This information can easily be toggled to be hidden or revealed at any time, too.

Additionally, businesses will now be able to better sort through their direct messages with the inclusion of another inbox. Account managers can now manually sort mail into primary and general tabs depending on their relative importance.

It’s clear to see with these comprehensive changes that Instagram is dedicated to not only providing its regular users with an intuitive, pleasant experience but also to empower its brands and creators with streamlined readable data.


Brand Collabs Manager

Another announcement that came late last December was the reveal that Instagram was planning on integrating Facebook’s Brands Collabs Manager. In short, the Brands Collabs Manager is a marketplace tool that facilitates connections between brands and content creators. Through the tool, both parties can search for new deals, manage their partnerships and automatically share insights with each other. Brands can also view insights in branded content that they’re tagged in. 


Photo credit: Instagram

But how does it work? Firstly, creators can sign up to the platform and create a profile that showcases their content creating prowess and ability to appeal to a particular demographic. Creators can also express their value in data, whether its by sharing their follower numbers or view counts. They can then target specific brands to reach out to in hopes of partnering with them.

On the other hand, brands can use the tool to create project briefs, which can be viewed and applied for by content creators. Once they have selected their collaborators and are underway with their campaigns, both parties can use the Partnerships tab to view the results of the content as well as refine their ad targeting for current and future campaigns.

It is clear that Instagram understands the role of its content creators in providing a unique experience to its users. By allowing them access to the Brand Collabs Manager, they are set to strengthen the bonds that tie brands and creators together. In facilitating meaningful, authentic relationships with both parties, they are in turn strengthening the user-perception of this content and creating a more satisfying experience overall. 

As we covered in our aforementioned recent predictions post, we expect the Brands Collabs Manager to be a defining factor in influencer marketing’s evolution in 2020, so we look forward to seeing how users and brands will embrace the tools and insights now available to them.


Age Restrictions

In a major step toward aligning itself with other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, Instagram will now require that new users enter their birth dates – and block those under the age of 13 from using the app entirely. Previously, Instagram has never asked its users age and therefore could plead ignorance to laws that ban companies from knowingly collecting personal information from children younger than 13. 


Photo by: Jane Manchun Wong

Additionally, Instagram has also given brands the ability to control who can view their content by setting minimum age limits, with options to set global default limits or set up country-specific limits to follow local laws. With more pressure mounting against the tech industry to guarantee a safer online space for underage users every day, Instagram has taken a major step forward in ensuring that it can adequately meet these expectations. 



As usual, we’d like to share a few snapshots of some interesting finds by the reverse-engineering fanatic Jane Manchun Wong. With many of her finds and predictions having been proved correct over the last year, we’re looking forward to seeing which of these changes will come to fruition.


Another sign that Instagram is working to keep Stories as fresh and engaging as possible. This year has already seen the wildly popular Prediction filters be embraced and modified by users, so there’s no denying that any new novelty features will also cause a stir.


This one is quite simple but is bound to be welcomed by users who manage multiple accounts. 


Again, something quite simple but a useful feature for users to guarantee that their messages have a sense of urgency to multiple relevant users within a group. 

What’s next?

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