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Take Your Instagram Takeover To The Next Level

Get out of control

Most of us would sooner hand over a grandparent or adored family pet than give someone else a day’s control over our Instagram feed.

But, while the idea of a stranger upsetting the finely balanced ecosystem of your feed may stress you out, Instagram takeovers for brands are an amazing opportunity to tell familiar stories in a new way.

As author and social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk puts it: ‘these takeovers are not only fun but are also a great example of a 50/50 value exchange – a partnership that’s mutually and equally beneficial’. In other words, what better way to embrace the expertise and influence of a content creator than by handing them the editorial keys, albeit temporarily.


Everybody wins with a takeover

So, while a brand gets the benefit of talking to their followers through a trusted and credible voice – and the content creator gets a high profile opportunity to reach a big new audience – you’re kind of running out of reasons not to give takeovers a try.

Admittedly, it takes a confident brand to hand over something so personal and public as their Instagram account to someone else. But if you’ve established a strong relationship with your content creator, and you’re happy they share your values, this shouldn’t be a concern.

And while brands can expect to boost (and diversify) their following and earn all-important authenticity-points through an Instagram takeover, the content creators themselves are actively enhancing their own personal brand (and, yes, their earning potential as well).


Top takeover tips

There’s no easy formula for getting an Instagram takeover right – but there are four basic rules that give you a much better chance.

Have a goal – obviously, right? But remember that you’ll have no meaningful way to assess if this works for your brand if you haven’t set yourself something to measure.

Go big on promotion – use every channel you have to let people know this takeover is happening. Get. Them. Excited.

Choose your weapon – don’t limit yourself to simply letting an influencer post a couple of times in your Instagram Stories. Talk with your content creator about the best ideas they have for using Instagram Stories or live video – anything that will surprise your audience (in a good way.)

Learn something – the brands who really get influencer marketing are the ones that get better at it with every and if you’re tingling with takeover fever right now, here’s our interview with fashion blogger Erik Scholz:

(Oh, and if you’re tingling with takeover fever right now, here’s our interview with fashion blogger Erik Scholz – who did his very own takeover with the Collabary Instagram. Enjoy! Check it out on our Instagram Channel)

Instagram Takeover


Talking… Instagram takeovers with @erik

Ok Erik, what’s an Instagram takeover?

It’s super simple. It’s like changing accounts. Meaning, one lucky person posts their normal content on a different account… Easy right?

Why do you think they work so well?

Takeovers work well because the followers from the brand get to see new and exciting content from a different person which already matches the account… they don’t know it yet. It’s also super nice for the followers from the influencer doing the takeover because they get to see the normal content in a new and fresh way.

How do you prepare for an Instagram takeover?

I always take a look on the other account for a couple of days before the takeover. Considering the type of engagement in the comments is super important, in order to see what the new audience is all about.

What are the perfect takeover conditions?

You definitely have to feel connected to the brand and always be open and not shy to talk into a camera.

Finally, what’s the one piece of advice you give anyone wanting to be an influencer?

Just start sharing what you love. Don’t do it because you want to earn money from it, people will feel it.