Why You Need to Include Instagram Stories In Your Influencer Campaign

Photo credit: Tunahan Günkan


Have you ever wondered why you should include Instagram stories in your upcoming campaign? To help you with this decision and to give you an overview of how fashion, beauty, and fitness influencers are using Instagram stories, we researched the daily Instagram story posting behavior of around 400 influencers active on Collabary.

Please note that for the sake of simplified readability for you, all shared numbers below are an average if not stated differently. An Instagram story is defined as one video that lasts 15 seconds and we counted both organic and sponsored story posts.


Story Posting Behavior by Influencer Tiers

With 10 stories per day, Macro influencers are ranking first when it comes to the absolute number of stories posted per day, followed by Medium influencers with 8 stories and Mega influencers, posting 6 Instagram stories per day. Creators defined with less than 20k followers (Nano influencers) – share only around 4 stories each day. The biggest content creators when it comes to followers, meaning Giga and Star influencers, publish only 3 stories per day. 

Across all tiers, influencers post around 6 stories per day. If you would like to include Instagram stories into your next campaign, you should take this number into consideration. Don’t try to brief in more than 6 stories per influencer per day. By sticking to this rule of thumb you make sure that your brand messages still come across in an authentic way.


Source: Collected data over time of around 400 influencers from Collabary


Here’s a little cheat sheet to give you a better understanding of how we define influencer tiers on Collabary: 

Nano:      < 20k followers

Micro:      20k – 50k followers

Medium: 50k – 100k followers

Macro:     100k – 250k followers

Mega:       250k – 500k followers

Giga:        500k – 1m followers

Star:         >1m followers


Story Posting Behavior by Categories

When it comes to the different categories, meaning the topics an influencer mainly focuses on, we see that fashion influencers are ruling the Instagram story game: 


Source: Collected data over time of around 400 influencers from Collabary


It’s safe to say that fashion creators are the ones using Instagram stories the most. On average, one fashion influencer posts almost 8 stories per day – in comparison, beauty influencers post around 6 and fitness influencers 3 stories a day. 

With fashion influencers truly being the experts in Instagram stories – in terms of frequency – why not have a look at one of them to get some inspiration for your next campaign? Let’s take a look at Vanessa from Pieces of Mariposa for example. She shows her latest online shopping finds to her followers using the Instagram story poll function to involve her audience in the decision-making process as well as sharing the shoppable link to the product. 


Photo credit: Vanessa Engelhardt


Beauty influencers most often use Instagram stories either to share a make-up tutorial – for example in the form of a get ready with me – or show off their morning routine. Lately, Michi Brandl used Instagram’s story feature to present her morning routine with Sensai beauty, including swipe-up links for each product and a discount code.


Photo credit: Michi Brandl


Story Posting Behavior by Content Type – Video vs. Image

Last but not least, we want to show you which formats are most used by influencers when posting stories: the 15 seconds long videos or the stills that last up to 15 seconds? Unsurprisingly, videos are the preferred format in stories with 75% of all researched stories being videos. But don’t forget, if you want to re-use the content it’s our advice to let the influencer produce images for the Instagram story – video content is difficult to re-use as it’s very specific to the dedicated influencer.  


Source: Collected data over time of around 400 influencers from Collabary


Taking Vanessa’s online shopping haul story as an example, here again, we see that for this use case recording videos is working very nicely to show the product from different angles and in different outfit combinations. However, when briefing stories in your campaigns, you should consider the personality of the influencer: Some might be more confident in speaking in front of their cameras than others. 


Final Thoughts

It’s clear to say that stories became more and more popular in terms of usage since Instagram launched this feature in August 2016. With the increasing popularity of the feature, the use of stories in influencer marketing campaigns has also increased a lot – in addition to in-feed postings, we see stories being used in almost every other campaign to draw even more attention to the respective product or message of the brand. Most often, swipe-up links are included within these stories to bring the followers directly to the landing page or the right product.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that stories are only visible for 24 hours in the profile of the respective influencer and can’t be called up again afterwards. So this is a temporary possibility but an effective way to spread your brand’s message. Depending on the audience you want to reach, having a broad mix of influencers, posting on different days and across several tiers is a good way to spread your message even further. 

Additionally, adding stories to your campaigns allows you to integrate your products nicely into the recurring routines of an influencer, such as shopping routines for fashion or morning routines for beauty influencers. 


What’s Next

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