Shop, Shop, Shop – 3 New Instagram Features That Make Shopping (And Selling) Simpler

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For a platform that wasn’t always the most accommodating to shopping, Instagram is certainly going out of its way to catch up.

In fact, this year seems to have brought one new shopping feature after another – from the trial and full rollout of shoppable stickers on Instagram Stories to curating personalized shopping channels in the Explore tab.

There has even been those persistent rumors of a stand-alone Instagram shopping app – though all their current efforts seem to be around persuading businesses that the main app has all the shopping functionality they could need.

And so, with the e-commerce industry shaken out of any possible complacency by a pre-Black Friday October that saw the second lowest online sales growth results ever recorded, Instagram have conjured up three new shopping features. And, after a regional trial, a global rollout in the next few weeks is just in time for Christmas shopping to get serious.


1. Shopping collections


Source: Instagram Business 

First up, we have a feature that essentially turns Instagram into your personal – and potentially never-ending – wish list.

The new shopping collections option basically allows you to privately save the links to any products you’ve been tempted to buy in a collection dedicated to stuff you really (really) want.

For stressed out Christmas shoppers it’s a bit like combining the eclectic inspiration of a Pinterest board, with the practical, shoppable immediacy of an Amazon wish list – in other words, a game-changer.


2. Shoppable video tags


Source: Instagram Business 

While brands were given permission in September to add shoppable tags to their images, this new addition now gives users the opportunity to also shop the products featured in a brand video.

And given Quintly’s recent findings that Instagram videos earn 21% more interaction than images, this is a timely and potentially very valuable new tool.


3. Shop tabs for businesses


Source: Instagram Business 

This new addition to business profiles allows brands to curate a micro Instagram gift guide on their profile – allowing users to more easily browse a range of products, find out more information and view the posts they were originally featured in.

As well as providing some very welcome new opportunities for businesses to boost seasonal sales, the arrival of these new tools (at no cost to the businesses who use them) is yet more evidence that there is one big item on Instagram’s wish list for next year – to be seen, indisputably, as the most effective social destination for shopping.

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