Influencers & Social Responsibility: With Great Reach Comes Great Responsibility

Photo credit: Carl Heyerdahl


A bit more than three months ago, we published some guidance for brands and influencers to navigate through these difficult times. So today, we would like to share examples of influencers acting as role models using their reach and influence to create awareness for societal topics. Referring to the Do’s of our guidance post here, we collected examples for each category below: 


Inspire Positivity

Before actively inspiring others with positive messages or alike, we recommend to take one step back and reflect on the power you have as a creator and how you can use this power for the greater good. We all need to consider that every individual deals differently with extraordinary situations like the development we have been seeing lately all over the plant. 

One creator that got our attention is Louisa Dellert. Louisa started her career as a fitness influencer and decided to shift her focus more on sustainability and politics in 2019. She very openly shares insights about this transformational process. With sustainability being one of her passion topics she launched a format called “My sustainable two” where she shares tips of how to step by step implement a more sustainable lifestyle. Next to her Instagram account with 388k followers she also started her very own podcast “Lou” in December 2019.


Photo credit: Louisa Dellert


Spread Useful Information

In order to spread useful information, you should take the time to educate yourself on the topic you want to talk about. This is not done by only publishing one post or story featuring one of the related hashtags that are spreading across social media these days. You have to do your homework and invest time in researching the background details before sharing this information or providing advice around a specific topic. 

One example to share here is Hendrik. Hendrik, who at the first sight looks like a fashion and fitness influencer, is actually working as a doctor and uses his reach of 125k people on Instagram to share useful information around health-related topics and especially about the pandemic. He not only started to talk very transparently about the situation in the hospital where he’s working but also provides educational work when it comes to wearing masks or the newly launched Corona App. His story highlight “Corona FAQ” features a lot of useful information. 


Photo credit: Hendrik Schulz


Encourage Helpful Activism

Situations like these can be life-changing for you and, most likely, for your followers too. Most of the younger generations have never been confronted with situations like these. So in a way, everyone is struggling to find the right way to deal with them. But it doesn’t mean we are stuck in the situation. As a creator with a certain following and responsibility, you can support those who may be struggling more than you are. Making a positive impact on your community and world can happen in many ways: By donations, sharing good advice, or messages of support or even creating your own talk show format like Aminata Belli: 

Aminata Belli is a public figure and TV host and has been fighting for equal rights for many years. Together with Hadnet Tesfai, she recently published her very own live talk via IGTV called “Sitzplatzreservierung” when the German TV Talk “Maischberger” about racism did not invite any BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color). Their first guest was German writer Alice Hasters followed by Fabienne Sand and Don Gaspar


Photo credit: Aminata Belli


How to Use Your Reach Responsibly

The examples shared above have shown us three different ways of how creators responsibly use their reach to inspire positivity, spread useful information, and encourage helpful activism. We also have seen acting socially responsible as a creator does not happen from one day to another. It’s an ongoing process and continuing education on the topics they are interested in. If you want to kick off this process here are a few tips to consider: 

1. Be aware of the social responsibility you carry for your followers

2. Stay updated about broader societal issues and think how you personally can relate to

3. Do your homework and educate yourself

4. Be open for criticism and constructive conversations

In the end, you of course have to feel comfortable with what you are sharing on your channels. But we would like to encourage every creator to consider their reach and influence as a huge gift to foster social responsibility. 


We are curious: Which content creators are role models for you? Share your thoughts with us via or check our Instagram role model series for more inspirational role models.