Your Influencer Marketing New Year’s Resolutions

Whether it’s turning your back on burgers, training for a triathlon or simply resolving to take better care of your eyebrows, new year is an obvious time to promise ourselves that we’ll be better. But while you may spend more time choosing new running shoes than you actually spend running, if you’re in the world of influencer marketing we have 3 resolutions that you’ll absolutely want to stick to.


1. I promise to see the magic of micro influencer marketing

This blog has been mumbling on about micro influencers for ages and, thankfully, we’ve seen massive leaps forward in the appreciation being shown to the small, but mighty, members of the influencer community.

But 2018 is the year we’d urge you to get serious about shaking up your content creator choices and add a few micro influencers to your marketing strategy.

One enormous reason behind such a move is that audiences on social media are remarkably savvy when it comes to authenticity – particularly when it comes to relationships between brands and content creators.

And while the superstar content creator you’ve chucked your entire marketing budget at will undoubtedly deliver big reach, they’re also probably working with a fistful of other prominent brands – which doesn’t reflect too well on their genuine love for you.

Micro influencers on the other hand offer the perfect chance to develop genuinely unique relationships with people who are not only passionate about your brand, but excited at the chance to talk about it.

And we know that brands will continue to spend their money with content creators who creep over the magical (and misleading) million-follower mark – even though micro influencers with fewer than 100,000 followers represent better engagement rates and also mention brands in their posts 3 times more often than the big hitters.

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2. I promise to repost. Obviously.

It takes a fairly astonishing piece of research into influencer marketing to knock the Collabary team off our fancy office chairs.

But one such revelation was that, currently, just 10% of brands are reposting the content that their influencer partners produce for them on their own accounts.

Take a minute to think about that while we readjust our toppled chairs. Ten. Per. Cent.

So, in a world where influencer marketing ROI – and extracting the best possible performance from every piece of content – is the thing that brands continue to toss and turn over, here is a golden (and ridiculously easy) way to profit even more from your influencer relationships… that only 1 in 10 brands are taking advantage of.

We’re not saying it’s a no-brainer. No wait, that’s exactly what we’re saying it is.


3. I promise to press play on video content

Saying that the problem with Instagram is that it’s too beautiful is like saying the problem with umbrellas is that they’re too waterproof.

But, as odd as it may sound, there is a suggestion in 2018 that the polished perfection of an Instagram image may begin to undermine your audience’s trust in what they’re seeing.

Video, on the other hand, is described by 75% of people as more ‘enjoyable, relevant, believable and credible’ than other types of content.

And even if credibility doesn’t float your social boat (and it absolutely should) influencer video content also continues to be nearly twice as effective as other content at driving sales.

Now, that’s not to say everyone should be thoughtlessly hurling their marketing budget at making videos. Brands need to decide how video content fits in with their objectives and, most importantly, how it can be used to inspire their customers.

There are now, of course, some amazing live stream, ‘in the moment’ video opportunities through social media but there’s also room for the permanence (and safety) of archived video.

But, however you decide to use it, 2018 is going to be a big year for the brands that get influencer video content right.

Now, we’re off for a run. Or a burger. Probably a burger. Happy new year!

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