4 reasons why influencer marketing isn’t as scary as you might think

One, two, three, … four reasons why you should consider influencer marketing for your brand

Influencer marketing seems to be the thing that everyone in the marketing world is talking about. But while more brands than ever are losing faith with traditional digital advertising, deciding how to spend their marketing budget on influencer marketing instead can be a bit scary.

But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s why:

1. The trends are on your side

The digital space changes so fast that sometimes online marketers can find it hard to keep up. Right now, there are some pretty enormous changes taking place – all of which point towards influencer marketing as a more effective place for your online spend.

Firstly, there’s the ad blockers. More and more marketers are seeing their campaigns by-passed by an online audience that is tired of being interrupted. What’s more, ad-blocking is a trend that is only moving in one direction. Already Facebook have admitted it could have a major impact on their model, while Apple have introduced ad blockers to their app store.

This may be bad news if your click through rates are at an all time low, but for those who have been savvy enough to notice this trend it’s no big problem at all. That’s because influencer marketing uses organic messaging in a native context – which basically means that it feels real, relevant and reaches people when they’re ready to be engaged, not interrupted.

Add to that the impressive growth in monthly Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube use and everything is pointing towards content creators, not ads.

2. Finding your influencer just got much easier

According to a report by Augure1, 75% of brands feel that finding the right social media content creators is the biggest challenge to getting started with influencer marketing. And they’re right.

Choose the wrong relationships and your campaign will feel forced, irrelevant and just as intrusive as the worst pop-up ads. Worse still, partnering up with someone who simply isn’t passionate about the same things as you will put you in front of an audience who doesn’t care.

But, at the same time, finding the right social media content creator isn’t always easy. Or at least, it wasn’t.

With Collabary you can get to know the social media content creators on our platform, learn about their interests and identify the shared values that are at the heart of every successful influencer marketing relationship.

That way, you’ll be working with someone who will treat your brand and product like it’s a part of their life – and reach an audience who cares about the story you’re telling.

3. You’re working with an expert

If you want to simply write a blog post and ask someone with a huge following to share it, then you’re probably reading the wrong article.

Influencer marketing is about genuine collaboration – relationships where everyone feels free to express their ideas in a way that’s going to feel authentic to an audience.

And remember, once you’ve found the right influencer you’re gaining far more than just posts and pictures. You’re gaining someone who knows that audience inside out – and knows exactly what they love to talk about.

By creating a personal relationship with your influencer you can share each other’s expertise – helping them know all about your brand and helping you know how to get this passionate, loyal audience excited about your story.

4. You can prove it

Did it work? There are people in your business who, quite reasonably, will only really be interested in the answer to that one question.

Anxiety over ROI has always dogged any marketing method that can’t show you a tangible pathway from view, to click, to basket. And, quite often, to keep that ROI worry under control people have over-inflated some pretty woolly data.

But with influencer marketing, you won’t have to stand up in a meeting and talk sheepishly about some rather unrevealing vanity metrics.

Collabary has an in-inbuilt data function for every campaign you run, collating all the data that actually means something and storing it in one easy-to-view dashboard.

And, whether it’s the audience you’re reaching or the depth of interaction generated, you’ll be able to see what impact your campaign is having – and how you can make your next one even better.


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Report: 75% of Marketers Are Using Influencer Marketing